2015 Salary Survey

The 2015 Salary Survey is now released.

Current INGO members and former members who participated in the survey will receive a free hard copy of the report. INGOs based in Hanoi can send a staff member to the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre, Trung Tu Diplomatic Compound, 6 Dang Van Ngu, Don Da, Hanoi, to collect their copy of the report. INGOs based outside Hanoi should contact Ms Bui Thi Kim Ngan at [email protected] or call +84 4 3832 8570. We can send the report by mail to your office or arrange other methods of delivery. Only a limited number of hard copies will be distributed -- the electronic version of the report will not be circulated. International NGOs which are not members can obtain the survey for a fee. Other development partners should contact the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre if they are interested.

A person collecting the report will receive it in a sealed envelope, addressed to the Country Director, representative or other most senior person in your respective INGO. A few INGO members who did not pay their membership fees for 2015 should arrange the payment before collecting the report. If your INGO is no longer a member of the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre and you have not participated in the survey, you may still obtain the report for a fee.

Specific figure and comparison charts in the report are cumulative and/or illustrative. Participating INGOs are listed in the report but no specific information is disclosed on individual budgets, salaries, benefits or any other confidential data from the survey. The 2015 Salary Survey Report provides valuable information for management decisions on the remuneration and benefits of your Vietnamese staff.

For the first time, the survey contains historical comparative data for the past four years.

Should you require additional mapping or cross-cutting analysis based on the contents of the survey, do not hesitate to contact Marko Lovrekovic, Co-Director of the Resource Centre, at [email protected]