Decision of the Prime Minister and Regulation on organization and activities of ethnic minority semi-boarding school

Decision of the Prime Minister on the organization and activities of semi-boarding school and students

2nd draft of the Regulation on the organization and activities of the ethnic minority semi-boarding school. (the Ministry of Education and Training)

Creating a protective environment for children in Viet Nam: an assessment of child protection laws and policies, especially children in special circumstances in Viet Nam

Protection, care and education of children are one of the best traditional practices of Vietnam. That
tradition has been protected, respected and promoted. The attention and care of children are more
evident since Vietnam has signed the United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1990; which
is a strong commitment of the Government of Socialist Republic of Vietnam regarding of protection, care
and education of children, ensuring all children are subject to equal treatment and best conditions for full
potential development and a safe and healthy living environment so that all children are entitled to basic
rights and fulfil their obligations.


Report No. 295/TB-VPCP on 21/09/2009 of the Prime Minister Office about the conclusion of Deputy Prime Minister  at North West Conference


Report No. 89/BC-LDTBXH on 16/09/2009 of the MOLISA of the progress and results of implementing the Resolution No. 30a/2008/NQ-CP on 27/12/2008 (Vietnamese Version)


Decision No. 102/2009/Q?-TTg on 07/08/2009 of the Prime Minister about the direct assistance for the poor people in the disadvantaged regions

101-2009-QD TTg 135 Program Phase II

Release the quantum of investigation in 2010 of some development programs in extremely difficult communes

1105 QD-TTg 135 Program Phase II

Decision on the approval of adding extremely difficult communes to 135 Programs Phase II

12 2009 TT-BNN (135 Program Phase II)

Circular guided the implementation Master plan assisiting manufacturing development of 135 Program Phase II

Resolution No 30 ( December 27th 2008) English Version

Resolution No. 30a on Speedy and Sustainable Poverty Reduction Programme For the 61 Poor Districts in Vietnam

Proposed plan for Annual Partnership Forum on the Implementation of the Program For Supporting 61 Poor Districts

Proposed plan for Annual Partnership Forum on the Implementation of the Program For Supporting 61 Poor Districts ( MOLISA, ICD)

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