About Us


The Disability Working Group promotes co-operation, collaboration and better communication among INGOs, organisations of People with Disabilities (PWD), relevant Government Ministries and donor agencies. Issues addressed by the Working Group include rehabilitation and health services, employment, inclusive and vocational education, disability prevention, public awareness of disability issues and barrier-free access to public places.


Regular meetings are held on the second Thursday of odd-numbered months (2:00 pm) at the NGO Resource Centre office,  building E3, number 6 Dang Van Ngu street. Active participants in the Disability Working Group currently include about twenty NGOs and some other PWD groups.  A range of sub-groups have also been established to focus in more detail on specific issues such as Employment of PWD.


Information on upcoming meetings of the Disability Working Group will be posted on the Calendar.

For more information, please contact the Co-Chairs of the Group Ms. Dinh Thi Nguyet - Program Manager of CRS, Email: [email protected]

and Ms. Nguyen Hong Ha - Director of Independent Living Center, Email: [email protected]