Capacity Development Working Group Meeting

This is the first meeting of the Capacity Development Working Group in 2010. The detail agenda which are as bellow:

1.       Brief Introductions
2.       Short Presentations

short presentations on past and future capacity development-related activities, methodologies, successes and challenges.. (about 15 mins each)
c. SNV (highlighting SPARK: Capacity Development for Social Innovation)
d. VSO

3.Developing Workplan for coming year
a.Brainstorming activities that are possible
b.Set priorities
c.Next steps to Workplan development

4.Involving Other Organisations to ensure a good representation of local partners
5.Confirm Date of Next meeting

Further information please contact :

Chairperson: Mike Hall, VSO Code of Practice Coordinator at [email protected]

Co-Chair: Helene Cunat, CARE Health Programme Coordinator at [email protected]