Consultant for Facilitation and Planning Workshop

Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI) is a Christian, non-government organization that works in nearly 100 countries around the world in the areas of housing microfinance, technical support in
low-cost construction methodologies and other capacity building interventions to improve housing, water and sanitation systems for poor families and communities as part of its vision of “A World Where Everyone Has a Decent Place to Live.” Habitat’s work in Vietnam is undertaken through a branch office of Habitat for Humanity International (hereafter known as Habitat for Humanity    Vietnam – HFHV) that was established in October 2001. Currently, HFHV has projects in the southern provinces of Kien Giang, Tien Giang and Dong Nai. In the north, it is active in Vinh Phuc and Hai Duong provinces, as well as in Da Nang in the central region. Additionally, Habitat Resource Centers are present in Ho Chi Minh City, Kien Giang and Ha Noi.

Habitat for Humanity Vietnam and the “Rural Water and Sanitation Capacity Building for Households Affected by Poverty Project” (WatSanCB) aims to support the Government of Vietnam in attaining its National Rural Clean Water Supply and Sanitation Strategy (up to year 2020) objectives of improved health and living conditions in rural areas. Expected project outcomes include improved health and wellbeing for the population of 4 of the most impoverished Districts of Kien Giang Province (KGP) and increased water, sanitation and hygiene awareness for at least 184,000 people KGP-wide.
To address the shortage of practical and appropriate water and sanitation (WatSan) solutions the project will; develop the capacity of individuals, the community and government structures; promote    and facilitate active community engagement in decision making processes; and improve government service providers' capacity, ensuring they are better equipped to deliver quality WatSan services
An appropriate Information, Education and Communication (IEC) strategy will be developed and implemented through the formation of commune-level Water and Sanitation Committees (WSC),
supported and coordinated by local government. The project particularly forcus on the right of the mostmarginalized in KGP, including ethnic minorities, vulnerable woment and the landless.

1. The Overall Goal of the Project
The overall goal of the project is “To support the Government of Vietnam in attaining its objective of improved health and living condition in rural areas under the National Target Program for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (2006-2010) [and to support Millennium Development Goal 7: “to reduce by half the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and sanitation by 2015”]
2. The Purpose of the Project
The purpose of the project is “improved health and economic security for the population in 4 of the most impoverished districts in Kien Giang province (KGP), with broader Province-wide impact taking project reach least 184,000 citizens, through enhanced ability to claim entitlements and improved delivery on policy commitments.
3. The project areas:
The 11 selected communes in the 4 districts of Kien Giang Province, including:
- 3 communes in An Biên: Tây Yên A, Nam Yên và ?ông Thái
- 4 communes An Minh: Thu?n Hòa, ?ông Hòa, ?ông H?ng A and ?ông Th?nh
- 2 communes U Minh Th??ng: An Minh B?c and Th?nh Yên
- And 2 communes in V?nh Thu?n: V?nh Bình Nam and Bình Minh

4. The Outputs of the Project
The objectives of the project are:
a. To facilitate the development and implementation of appropriate water and sanitation technologies necessary to decrease waterborne diseases in the 4 targeted districts;
b. To establish the Commune Water & Sanitation Committee (CWSC) in the 11 impoverished communes actively engaged in advocacy for and monitoring of delivery on commitment for shelter, clean water and adequate sanitation;
c. Government practice and policy is aligned with local water and sanitation and land-use issues in Kien Giang province;
d. To increase awareness of over 1,000 marginalized households in Kien Giang province on aspects of land administration; key to securing basic rights;
e. To increase awareness of water and sanitation issues affecting Vietnam amongst 27,510 new individuals.

The consultant will facilitate a 2-year project plan workshop for the WatSanCB project on the water & sanitation, housing solutions and land use right entitlement procedure.
The consultant will familiarize him/herself with the project’s proposal, the baseline survey report, project Information – Education & Communication (IEC) strategy and other documentation relevant
to the WatSanCB project, this will include but not limited to:
- Advise the project and draft the workshop planning procedures to achive agreed outcomes
- Produce the planning workshop materials/ documentation with comments and inputs from HFHV nominated staff
- Facilitate the planning workshop
- Prepare a draft of 2-year project plan in Vietnamese and English.
- Finalize 2-year plan in Vietnamese and English
The 2-year plan of the project must be compliance to the project logframe and IEC strategy
The specific output will be:
a) Planning workshop agenda and materials/ documentation
b) Draft 2-year plan of the project (and presentation) within 2 weeks after the planning workshop and reviewing all relevant project documents including proposal, baseline survey report. This draft is written in both Vietnamese and English.
c) Final 2-year plan Due 1 week after receiving comments on the draft from HFHV staff. The final plan is written in both Vietnamese and English.

The expert will be based in his/her working place and Kien Giang Habitat Resource and Training Center to develop the project plan
The Consultant should have the experience of conducting planning workshop
- The consultant should preferably have water and sanitation and land entitlement background, an advance university degree in social sciences, psychology, sociology, public health, development studies or other relevant disciplines. Bachelor degree will be considered with vast proven track record.
- The Consultant should preferably have at least 2 years of experience in developing project plan for water and sanitation project.
- Have at least 5 years of experiences working with international organizations and/or INGOs.
VII. DURATION AND TIMING (this session might change due to negotiate with the consultants)
The consultant is expected to commence the services in the 1st week of April 2010 and the assignment will be carried out within 2 weeks from the date of commencement (agreed by both consultant and HFHV).
- 1 day for reviewing project proposal, the baseline survey report, IEC strategy and other related documents, if any.
- 2 working days for developing planning workshop materials.
- 0.5 day for presenting the planning workshop materials.
- 3-4 days for planning workshop
- 0.5 day for discussing with HFHV staff on comments
- 2 days for finalizing of the 2-year plan.
The contract will be signed in accordance with HFHV regulations and guidelines for the contracting of consultants. The assignment will be directly managed by the Manager of the -  WatSanCB project in the planning, content and filanlzing the tasks assigned. The WatSanCB Manager will ensure that all required facilities and information are made available to the consultants.
1. Cover Page
2. Table of contents
3. Abbreviations
4. Glossary
5. Preface
6. Executive Sumary
7. Introduction
8. Project plan: goals, objectives, activities, indicators, outputs, outcomes, assumptions
9. Monitoring and Evaluation : M&E activities and indicators
10. Appendix: including but not limited to monthly/quarterly plan and report templates for Commune Water & Sanitation Committees (CWSCs) and Project Management Units (PMUs) templates;
Interested or sellected candidates must submit the following documents:
1. Detailed budget proposal
2. Curriculum Vitae
3. One relevant sample
4. At least 1 letters of reference from prior places of employment or contact names and details of your referees
Please note that this vacancy is for National consultant only
Full proposals should be submitted electronically no later than 31 March 2010 to the contact email addresses listed below.
To: Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nhan at [email protected] and Ms. Tran Tuyet Phuong at [email protected]

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Habitat for Humanity International in Vietnam
Application Deadline: 
Wed, 2010-03-31