Disability Working Group


This is regular meeting of Disability Working Group. This meeting will focus on Community Based Rehabilitation and it will be facilitated by MCNV and LSN. The detail agenda which are as bellow:

1.30-1.40 Introduction of partcipants
1.40 – 1.50 Introduction about the meeting: reasons and expected outputs MCNV & LSN
1.50 – 2.10
- MCNV support in the field of CBR
- Key notes in CBR approach and practise. MCNV Presentation in English
2.10 – 2.30 Sharing on CBR model in Quang Binh and  some focus points in implementation of CBR
LSNV Presentation in Vietnamese by LSNV.
2.30 -2.50 Presentation of VNAH (title is coming) MCNV
Information sharing on CBR activities as part of implementation of Decree 239 Ministry of Health
Presentation in Vietnamese
3.05 – 3.20 Tea break
3.20 - 4.20 Plenery discussion Q&A about the presentation
Discussion on CBR arising issue
Additional sharing about the projects, information, events, expeprience about CBR in Vietnam, Asia regions or worldwide.

4.20 – 4.30
AOB (new documentary film STILL LIFE MOVING (link below) funded by DED) Paul Zetter* director, development ensemble creative training and development
4.30 Closing and information for next meeting.

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