Disaster Management Working Group Meeting


This is monthly meeting of Disaster Management Working Group. The detail agenda will be following points:

DMWG workplan

  • Review and update workplan

Follow up on DMWG workshop

  • Triggers for decision of JA (5 scenario)

  • Finalization of DMWG Contingency plan

  • Assessment Tools/Questionnaires and Report format

General sharing from members

  • JANI starting up (CARE)?

  • Other DIPECHO funded project starting up?

  • Livelihoods training (Oxfam)

  • Cash program training (American Red Cross)

  • Others ???

Technical corner

  • Sharing on ECHO funded project – livelihoods (Save, AAV and Plan???)

  • Cash program – (American Red Cross???)


Further information, please contact Co-Chairman - key focal points for the DMWG from July to January 2011 Mr. Nguyen Trong Ninh, 0913349409, [email protected], Plan International and Mr. Dao Ngoc Ninh, 0915353701, [email protected], ActionAid Vietnam.