Disaster Management Working Group Meeting

This is monthly meeting of Disaster Management Working Group. The detail agenda are as below:

  • Agreement and approval of trigger for JA – based on the experience of calling for Ketsana and Central flood JA
  •  Agreement and approval of Contingency plan – pls see email’s from Miguel
  •  Update on flood 2010
  •  Kick-off discussion for 2011 DMWG annual work-plan
  •  Sharing from agencies
  •  Technical corner – ADPC 's presentation on innovative activity on Regional Stocktaking on Disaster Risk
  •  AOB

Further information please contact co-chairs:
    Mr.  Nguyen Trong Ninh, 0913349409, [email protected],    from Plan International
     Mr.  Dao Ngoc Ninh, 0915343701, [email protected],  from ActionAid Vietnam