"World Wide Views on Global Warming" (WWViews) is a global project initiated by the Danish Board of Technology (DBT) and The Danish Cultural Institute (DCI). The main objective of WWViews is to give a broad sample of citizens from across the world the opportunity to influence the COP15 negotiations and thereby the future of global climate policy.  The overarching purpose is to demonstrate that political decision-making process on a global scale benefit when everyday people participate.
The core of the WWViews is citizens consultation meetings, hosted by WWViews partners, in as many countries as possible on September 26, 2009 (a Saturday), i.e. approximately 2 months before the Climate Summit in Copenhagen starts. They will be carried out almost simultaneously, meaning that from the first meeting concludes in one time zone (the international date line in the Pacific Ocean), until it concludes in the last time zone, 24 hours will have passed. On this day only, discussions about the questions given and the factual information relating to it, as well as all the voting and all the writing of recommendations must take place. The reporting of the results to the WWViews website must also take place on that day.
So far, more than 50 countries have signed to participate in this project. In Vietnam, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) has issued Decision No. 1 534/Q?-BTNMT dated 12/8/2009 which assigned  the Urban Rural Solutions Company (URS) in collaboration with the Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Environment (IMHEN) to host the WWViews meeting. This event will be organized on 26th September 2009 at the Vietnam-German Training Center, Hanoi Bach Khoa University, No.1 Dai Co Viet Str., Hanoi.
As there will be 100 participants to this WWViews meeting, we will need at least 10 group facilitators to moderate the group discussions with the following qualifications:
- at least bachelor degree, background on climate change is not required
- at least 3 years experience in training/group facilitation
- experienced with international working environment is an advantage
- high willingness to contribute to environmental improvement in general and to the success of the WWViews in particular
They encourage all interested candidates to send us their CV for the facilitator position. A certificate of WWViews facilitators can be issued to those facilitators by the Management Board of WWViews on our request.

The deadline for all kind of application is the 10th September 2009. For more information, please contact Ms. Le Thi Huong by email: [email protected] or by telephone: 04-37868129

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
World Wide Views on Global Warming
Ha Noi
Application Deadline: 
Thu, 2009-09-10