Film Maker with International Expertise to Make a Short Video on Childhood Injury Prevention Intervention

UNICEF Viet Nam is looking for a highly qualified and professional film maker with international expertise to make a short video on Childhood Injury Prevention Intervention in UNICEF Viet Nam Child Survival and Development Programme

According to the Ministry of Health’s 2006 report on injury related mortality rate, there were 7,198 children and adolescents (aged from 0-19) who died from injury, nearly 20 children and adolescents per day. Drowning is the overwhelmingly highest cause of injury-related death in every age group from infancy to puberty and far outstrips other causes.  In the year of 2006, 3,685 children and adolescents aged from 0-19 died of drowning (accounting for 51% of children mortality of this age group), or in average 10 children and adolescents died of drowning per day. Traffic accidents are the second leading cause of injury-related mortality for the age group from 0-19 and accounted for 26% of the mortality.  After that, poisoning, burns, falling, animal bites are tied as the third leading cause of deaths. Apart from injuries affecting children nationwide, there are also child injuries from unexploded ordnances (UXO) or landmines that occur in specific areas heavily affected by UXO/landmines during the war. As in other countries of the world, boys are generally more often victims of all injuries than girls and this is particularly true for road traffic injuries.

UNICEF Viet Nam started to support Childhood Injury Prevention activities in 2002, which became a comprehensive Childhood Injury Prevention programme in 2006.  The Programme has nation-wide components, such as advocacy, public education, capacity building, research and surveillance. It also includes pilot initiatives at provincial level with a comprehensive model demonstration and has been implemented in the six provinces of Hai Phong, Hai Duong, Quang Tri, Hue, Can Tho and Dong Thap, where UNICEF started CIP projects in 2003. Mine Risk Education activities have been conducted in areas heavily affected by UXO/landmines, including Thua Thien Hue, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Ha Tinh, Nghe An and Thanh Hoa.

Viet Nam has been the first country in the world to receive strong support from UNICEF in this emerging area of childhood injury prevention. However, up to now Childhood Injury Prevention interventions have not yet been documented adequately for other countries could learn, draw lessons and benefit from the UNICEF Viet Nam experience in the new field that they might wish to be involved. The global organizational review of UNICEF pointed out the “need for more cross-country learning, collaborative strategic thinking and knowledge-sharing” as well as the need to “facilitating dialogue around how successful programming approaches in one country can be applied in countries with similar context and challenges”.  In addition, the review also stressed that UNICEF should “improve documentation on emerging knowledge”. 

It is now seven years that UNICEF Viet Nam started to address the issue of childhood injury prevention. It will be very helpful for future CIP programming to have a short visualized product that presents Vietnam CIP experience and approaches in a very concise manner.  In addition, this visualized product will serve as a tool for cross-country learning and policy advocacy for CIP.

2.Purposes and Objectives
This assignment aims to produce a 10 minute video which concisely presents CIP issues, actions and impact. This video will be used as a visualized tool to share CIP experience with other country offices of UNICEF, NGOs and donors that are interested in CIP or making interventions in CIP.

3.Methodology and technical approach
This assignment will expect to engage desk review of CIP programme related documents including visual products,  direct interviews, consultations with and filming of all relevant stakeholders including government counterparts at all levels, local authorities, and families and children  who benefitted of the programme in Hanoi and selected provinces. 

Target audience:
- UNICEF’s country offices and UN agencies that are interested in CIP
- Government counterparts that are committed to CIP
- NGOs and donors that are interested in CIP
- National TV

Dissemination plan:
Upon completion, copies of video will be disseminated to all UNICEF’s country offices and UN agencies that are interested in CIP, government counterparts, national TV, NGOs and donors that are interested in CIP through both formal and informal ways including workshops/conferences/post offices.

Key contents:
- CIP program’s objectives and approaches/strategies
- CIP’s issues, actions and impact

4.Activities, Task, deliverables and timeframe

Activities and Tasks:
Task 1: Desk review
Task 2: Review secondary visual products produced by UNICEF/CIP
Task 3: Develop a script for the 10 minute video in both English and Vietnamese
Task 4: Finalize the script with UNICEF’s approval
Task 5: Make a field trip and do shooting in project provinces.
Task 6: Develop the video
Task 7: Finalize the video in both English and Vietnamese with comments from UNICEF

Deliverables and Time frame
It is expected to take 24 days to complete this assignment and it will be able to commence on the 3rd September 2009 and finish at the beginning of October 2009. Following are expected deliverables of this assignment:
Output 1: Secondary data collected for formulation of a video script (3 days)
Output 2: Appropriate secondary visual products selected for this video (3 days)
Output 3: A draft script developed (3 days) in both Vietnamese and English
Output 4: Final script available for shooting (1 day) in both Vietnamese and English
Output 5: Video shot (8 days) in both Vietnamese and English
Output 6: A draft video available (4 days) in both Vietnamese and English
Output 7: A final product of a 10 minute video available with approval from UNICEF (2 days) in both Vietnamese and English.
5.Qualifications and experience required:
Qualified candidates should meet at least the following requirements:
Advanced qualifications and recognized international experiences in visualized communication and film making
Good understanding of development issues, including childhood injury prevention in particular.
Good knowledge of the political, economic, social and cultural context of Vietnam
Previous experiences in making program documenting videos and films for international organizations, especially UNICEF are highly desirable.
Mastery of English for documentary

Interested candidates are kindly requested to submit the following information:
Letter of interest
Proposed budget and fees
CVs of team leader and proposed team member(s)

Please indicate the title of the assignment on the top left corner of the to UNICEF address.

Chief of Operations
UNICEF Vietnam
81 A Tran Quoc Toan, Hanoi – Viet Nam

Closing date for receipt of proposals 15 September 2009


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Tue, 2009-09-15