Financial Markets Consultant

The Private Sector Operations Department (PSOD) is a Unit of the Asian Development Bank that supports private sector projects with clear development impact but which may have limited access to capital.
PSOD-ADB fund or facilitate funding of financial institutions so they can, in turn, finance small and medium enterprises, local infrastructure facilities, and other underserved sectors that ADB may not be able to assist directly. Furthermore ADB is also keen to utilize complex capital market solutions and other innovative approaches for the benefit of the poor.
Pursuant to its Private Sector Development Strategy (PSD) to promote the development of a strong yet inclusive private sector, the ADB-PSOD has requested that SNV Netherlands generate a proposal for a pilot program in Vietnam that promotes linkages between the formal and informal sector.  The formal sector is represented by banks or investment management companies while the informal sector is producer groups, coops, associations.

If successful the program could be replicated in other Asian countries.

Objective of the Assignment
To assist SNV in the creation and submission to ADB-PSOD of a pilot program proposal “Linking the formal and informal financial sectors in Vietnam”.
This proposal will be generated in alliance with a local partner(Fund manager)and  involve the provision of economic resources to the chosen partner that will then in turn be invested in private sector companies whose activities have a positive impact on the poor.
ADB will provide seed capital to the fund of the selected local partner and cover the Technical Assistance necessary for implementation activities.  

Skill Set
The Financial Markets Consultant is a senior position with extensive knowledge of the capital markets sector in Vietnam.  He/she will have existing relationships in the capital markets/private equity sector and experience in financial instruments for development.  The consultant should be able to drive the process and serve as lead expert as it relates to all aspects of the financial services section of the proposal. Experience working with ADB and their proposal processes is preferable.
Specific Tasks
Specific tasks assigned to the Financial Markets Consultant will include, but will not be limited to, the following:
- Interface with ADB-PSOD to ascertain specificity as it relates to appropriate concept designs
- Design criteria for National partner selection
- Identify an appropriate National Partner(Investment company or bank) for concept development
- Serve as lead contact to national partner
- Identify and/or help design the most effective and appropriate financial vehicle
- Provide technical inputs related to the financial markets section of the proposal
- Support SNV staff to prepare appropriate additional documentation for the activity to include such items as project plans, terms of reference, and memoranda of understanding

Output Requirements:
This purview of this assignment focuses on the design phase.  The outcome is joint submission with a local partner of the programme “Linking the formal and informal financial sectors in Vietnam”

- Draft study of selection criteria for national partners, including management and financial analysis, within 1 month of the initial
- Draft profile of selected national partner
- Draft prospectus of financial instrument, within 2 months of initial engagement
- Draft financial services section of the proposal

Place of Assignment: 
Hanoi Vietnam

Total Work Days
TBD. A minimum of 20 days is envisioned

To apply

Please send proposal and CV to: [email protected]
Closing date: November 8th, 2009.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Ha Noi
Application Deadline: 
Sun, 2009-11-08