Gender Analysis and Mainstreaming Consultant

Project: CARE Vietnam Program Quality and Learning Agenda:  Gender Analysis and Mainstreaming
Location: Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Duration: from 16 and 27 November 2009
Key counterparts: CARE VN Gender Task Force members
Reporting to: Gender and Learning Coordinator

CARE in Vietnam is the representative of CARE International in Vietnam. CARE in Vietnam operates under the lead membership of CARE Australia. The laws and regulations of the Government of Vietnam apply to all staff, contractors and consultants.  Within CARE in Vietnam the Country Director has overall management authority as the representative of the lead member and of CARE International.

A. Background information
In sharing a common vision with CARE International, and directed toward achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in promoting Gender Equality CARE Vietnam (CVN) has been implementing many activities addressing gender equity since 2003 and recently reinforced this commitment through the development of its gender strategy for the period of 2008 -2012. This aims to improve gender equity through the policies and practices in CVN by strengthening understanding and capacity of staff on gender, improving the organizational structure supporting for gender-base programming and promoting gender equity in policy and practice.
Through the implementation of the first 18 months of the Gender strategy CVN has obtained significant achievements that are concrete bases for the next stages in continuing strategy’s commitments. CVN has a Gender Task Force (GTF) currently comprising 10 very active members who have been trained and had experience in gender mainstreaming through piloting it on some projects; and most of CVN staff are sensitized with gender through formal and informal discussions.

The focuses of action program on gender in CVN for the coming year are to:
1. Continue to strengthen capacity of the GTF on specific skills in order to lead process of  gender mainstreaming (policies and programming) in CVN
2. Institutionalize the mainstreaming of gender in CVN
3. Continue the sensitization of gender for CVN staff and  local partners
4. Sharing and learning through the gender network

The GTF plays a key role in ensuring the process of learning and mainstreaming managed effectively in CARE VN. In order to undertake this, skills in gender analysis are required. A consultant is sought to provide this training to both the GTF and to some additional strategically placed staff (total of 20 participants).

B. Scope of services
1. Training objectives
- To provide the participants broader knowledge on gender analysis and analysis tools
- To enhance skills of  ‘analysis in practice’ of participants, with reference to designing data collection tools and plans, analyze and draw on key findings; recommend ideas for gender integration activity. One or two specific CARE project’s should be used for this practice.

2. Key activities
The Consultant will work and get approval of CVN Gender Coordinator with the following:
- Meeting with CVN staff on TOR of the mission.
- Develop a training agenda (in both English and Vietnamese)
- Design a facilitation plan base on agreed training contents and agenda. Participatory training approach is essential. (in both English and Vietnamese)
- Develop pre- and post-training test evaluation forms linked to training objectives (in both English and Vietnamese)
- Prepare training handouts (in Vietnamese)
- Provide training and guide for about 20 participants (to be conducted in Vietnamese)
- Write a training report and recommendation (in English)

3. Expected outputs
- Training facilitation plan is approved by CARE
- Participants have increased knowledge of gender analysis and gender analysis tools
- Participants have increased confidence in using tools and techniques of gender analysis learnt
- Participants demonstrated their skills in applying tools and techniques of gender analysis through practice sessions
- Training report (highlighting outcomes and recommendations)

4. Selections criteria / qualifications

Required qualification for the consultancy includes:
- Vietnamese Consultant
- Demonstrated experience in gender analysis (examples are required in both training and practicing)
- Excellent coaching and training skills
- Excellent report writing skills
- English language skills

5. Timeframe
This mission is expected to conduct within the period from 16 to 27 November 2009.

C. Proposal submission:
The interested Consultants are required to submit CARE an initial training proposal covered of following points:
- Training objectives
- Suggested training contents
- Approaches to conduct this training and methods using for facilitating of each training content
- How to measure the outputs
- Time frame for this consultancy; and
- Expected costs

The submission deadline is 9 November 2009 and to Truong Quang Hong [email protected], contact phone number: 091 3684740


Job Details
Organisation Name: 
CARE in Vietnam
Ha Noi; HCMC
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2009-11-09