The Green Days Project Coordinator

Position title: The Green Days Project Coordinator

About the Green Days project
“The Green Days” is an initiative of the Center of Support for Combating Climate Change (SCCC) and Action for the City (ACCD) to encourage people to change their behavior and promote a sustainable lifestyle. The event will be held on the third week of September with the theme “For a Green Millennium” in celebration of the 1000 years of Thang Long – Hanoi. “The Green Days” is a result of the collaboration between two campaigns: the Green Transport ( campaign of Action for the City and No Plastic Bag campaign of SCCC. The No Plastic Bag campaign was
launched in 2009 in Hoi An while the Green Transport campaign started in 2008 in Hanoi.
The main activities of the project include:
- Development of communication materials for projects such as website and logo’s package.
- Public relation activities such as press conference and press release.
- Green Living conference focusing on green transport, sustainable consumption and organic agriculture.
- Seek 10000 signatures pledging to use green transport and say no to plastic bag.
- Acquire offices and retail shops commitment to use green transport and say no to plastic bag.
- Walking and cycling for the environment and racing for the environment activities.
- Exchange for eco-bags activities at small markets and supermarkets.
- The Green Days’ Gala night with musical performance, eco-fashion show, ect.

This position is designed primarily to support the Green Days project leader in planning and managing the Green Days project and support other activities.
Tasks include: The objectives of the agreement and the tasks of the 2 nd party are to work as the Green
Days project coordinator
I. Main Responsibilities
- Developing and editing communication materials (e.g. fact sheets, leaflets, handouts, presentations, newsletters) for activities related to the project.
- Providing strategy, overseeing and coordinating between project design, marketing, logistics and finance.
- Designing timeline for project implementation, delegation of tasks and organising meetings for progress updates with the project leader and project director.
- Participate and contribute ideas to project design and programme contents.
- Overseeing the organisation, execution and facilitation of workshops and public campaign and gala night
- Support the development of project website.
- Writing final report.
- Collecting financial receipt for project activities.

II. Qualification, experience and skills:
- Recent graduate with good command of English and background in business;
- Experience in planning and managing youth and education project;
- Knowledge in website development will be an advantage;
- Strong communication skills ;
- Strong process focus and attention to detail;
- Good skills in MS Office software is essential;
- Self-motivated & hard-working;
- Ability to work individually and in a small team;
- Interested in business and sustainability issues.

III. Benefits
- Strengthen your knowledge and understanding of leadership, environmental issues and project development;
- The opportunity to establish and work with a wide network of business experts, youth leaders and local authorities.
- Certificate for the working period and reference letter;
- Monthly salary: Negotiable

IV. Other Information:
- Place of work: ACCD office, outdoor for public events.
- Working period: 01/08/2010 to 30/09/2010
- Duration of the working period : Expected last for 2 months
- Time contribution: 5 days per week including weekend for public campaign events.
Deadline for application: 31 st July 2010
Send your CV and cover letter to: [email protected] before 5pm 31st July 2010.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Center of Support for Combating Climate Change (SCCC) and Action for the City (ACCD)
Ha Noi
Application Deadline: 
Sat, 2010-07-31