HCMC HIV / AIDS working group


Purpose of the WG

The purpose of the Ho Chi Minh City based HIV/AIDS Technical Working Group (HCMC HIV TWG) is to strengthen the implementation of HIV programs in the South of Vietnam through greater coordination and sharing among local HIV program implementers, policy makers, advocates, community based organizations and faith based groups.
The HCMC HIV TWG was established in May 2008. It was formed in response to a survey conducted by the HCMC international non-governmental organization discussion group (INGO Discussion Group) which recognized the need to strengthen, coordinate and share skills and resources between HIV program implementers and advocates in the South of Vietnam.  The underlying principle of the formation of the group was to join the HIV Technical Working Group (TWG) based in Hanoi so that Southern based stakeholders and beneficiaries who do not have the resources to join Hanoi-based meetings will be able to access and coordinate with other organizations and individuals working in the HIV/AIDS field.


Practical details

The HCMC HIV TWG meets every two months, with meetings conducted partly in English and partly in Vietnamese. We strive to provide translation throughout the meetings to accommodate all members, however we are a voluntary based group so this is not always possible. The HCMC HIV/AIDS TWG has a diverse membership which includes local, national and international organizations, UN groups student groups, university staff, local community and faith-based organizations and self-help groups. 


Current themes

TWG meetings bring the large and varied group members into regular contact. Meetings create a space for members to discuss mutual issues of interest, to learn from each other as well as from external experts and to work together to solve problems and coordinate efforts for greater impact. Meetings also enable sharing of relevant resources and information to improve practice. By bringing different member groups together, the TWG enables improved advocacy efforts for HIV issues in the South of Vietnam, as well as coordination on HIV related events and activities.


Contact us

The TWG is currently chaired by Jessica Light of CARE Vietnam, and vice-chaired by Mr. Van from Tinh Than Network (AIDS Program). For more information or to receive regular updates about the group activities, meetings and events, please email your request to [email protected].