HIV/AIDS Out-Patient Clinic Officer; M&E Officer; Community-based Outreach Program Officer working on Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) Program

“Vietnam-USA Collaboration Project on HIV Prevention and Care in Vietnam” is the Collaboration Project between Ministry of Health in Vietnam and Human Health Service. They are looking for candidates for the following positions:
- 01 HIV/AIDS Out-Patient Clinic Officer
- 01 M&E Officer
- 01 Community-based Outreach Program Officer working on Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT)  Program

Job description
1. HIV/AIDS Out-Patient Clinic Officer (Starting Salary 8.1 approximately 870 USD gross and 670 USD net)
Under supervision and assignments of HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment Chief to perform the following tasks: 
- Managing and Monitoring care and treatment activities for HIV adult patients at the sites he/she is responsible;
- Assisting provinces in annual planning of care and treatment for adults;
- A point of contact and coordinate with technical teams to analyze reports on HIV/AIDS care and treatment activities  implemented by LIFE-GAP Project; 
- A point of contact to implement M&E, researches related to HIV/AIDS care and treatment activities  implemented by LIFE-GAP Project; 
- Working with C&T team members for technical assistant at LIFE-GAP sites;
- Coordinating with the Donor and related agencies in planning and implementing monitoring & evaluation and technical assistance at HIV/AIDS OPC sites.  

2. Community-based Outreach Program Officer working on Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) Program (Starting Salary 8.1 approximately 870 USD gross and 670 USD net)
- A point of contact for Project Methadone activities and assigned MMT sites;
- Writing proposals for MMT program in provinces/cities in the framework of LIFE-GAP CPMU; 
- Providing guidance for provinces to to plan MMT activities and budget in the framework of the Project;
- Guiding provinces about site selection criteria, site renovation, arranging room in treatment sites and staff selection as per Ministry of Health Guideline;
- Guiding MMT site provinces to organize advocacy meetings and training for selection committee at various levels;
- Coordinating with related agencies for site surveillance and assessment about facilities and staffing;
- Coordinating or independently developing training agenda and materials, clinical practice, hand-on training, advanced training, organizing forum to share expertise experience;
- Clinical mentoring, counseling and implement regular activities such as regular meetings and case conference;
- Monitoring and supervising activities and data collection, data input and reports. Information, data input and reports are related to health examination, treatment, family and individual couseling, medicine distribution and maintenance, urine testing for opioid and benzodiazepine for addicts;.
- Regularly or ad-hoc reporting MMT program to Leaders and related agencies as required;
- Coordinating with international and Vietnamese experts for clinical mentoring. Coordinating and supporting inter-sector delegations from related agencies; 
- Working closely with CDC, VAAC, Hanoi School of Public Health and international organizations (WHO, FHI, SCMS…) to support the program;
- Other activities assigned by Team Leader and Central Project Management Unit.      

3. M&E Officer (Starting Salary 7.1 approximately 690 USD gross and 530 USD net for Bachelors and 8.1 approximately 870 USD gross and 670 USD net for Medical Doctors/Masters) 
Overall responsibility:
- This M&E officer is responsible for the operation of the project M&E activities on HBC, PMTCT and Nutrition Support  programs, which included in: Operating and monitoring the data management system; Conducting quality assurance (QA) and quality improvement (QI); Providing support to PPMUs on data collection, management and use; Assisting Chief of M&E team in data and report analysis and building the M&E plan of project; Being in charge of conducting other tasks and duties assigned by Chief of M&E Section and the project leaders. This staff has also responsibility of  report tracking of all programs of the project.
- Furthermore, this officer coordinates with The M&E officer on Care and Treatment on assisting Chief of M&E Section in producing the general report of project M&E activities.

Specific duties and responsibilities:
Assisting Chief of M&E Section in setting up the system:
- Assisting in developing the Care and Treatment component of the overall framework for project M&E.
- Helping to develop and guiding the process for identifying and designing the key indicators for each activity/component, to record and report the data collected.
- Assisting in drawing up the plan and TOR for final evaluation in HBC, PMTCT and Nutrition Support.
- Giving information for developing evidence-based plans in HBC, PMTCT and Nutrition Support.
- Supporting to set up the periodical action plans in the technical aspects of data use/management and quality improvement (QI).
- Assisting in developing a plan for project-related capacity building on M&E and for any computer-based support that may be required
- Assisting in organizing and undertaking training with stakeholders in M&E skills.

Implementation of M&E:
- Supporting to develop tools, templates for collecting information. And ensuring that those tools and templates used accordingly with requirement and guidance.
- Supporting the maintenance of standards and quality of services and activities to meet project objectives and strategies.
- Reviewing and analyzing monitoring reports to identify the causes of potential bottlenecks in HBC, PMTCT and Nutrition Support.
- Providing relevant information and analysis to identify and address priorities, major issues when expanding program and sites in HBC, PMTCT and Nutrition Support.
- Collecting lessons learned in the previous implementation of activities to give program improvement for expanding activities.
- Attending to refresher training in M&E for implementing partner staff.
- Undertaking regular visits to the field to support implementation of M&E and conduct TA/QA activities.
- Guiding staff and implementing partners in preparing their progress reports.

- Providing analysis and comments on selection of priorities, process of implementation.
- Providing feedback on aspects included in: Output, progress, quality, costs from supervision.
- Providing available statistic data as required.
- Assisting in giving information for description of factual context in activity implementation and sites.
- Analyzing program statistical data and providing feedbacks to revise and adjust for quality improvement of activities and services.
- Sharing of the outputs of M&E findings with project officers and implementing partners.

General requirements:
- Fluency in English in communication, writing reports, designing project activities.
- Excellent at office software (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, statistics analysis related to research and epidemiology: Epiinfo, SPSS….)
- Ability to work independently and with minimal supervision.
- Ability to work in a small team setting.
- Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing.
- Ability to collect and analyze data
- Ability to go to 28 project sites.
- Experience in working for projects.

Specific requirements
Chief of Adult HIV/AIDS Care & Treatment:
Doctor background
At least 2 year-experience in program, project management about HIV/AIDS;  Developing proposals and budgets for medical preventive program; 

HIV/AIDS Out-Patient Clinic Officer:
Doctor background
At least 1 year-experience in program, project management about HIV/AIDS;  Developing proposals and budgets for medical preventive program;  

Community-based Outreach Program Officer working on Methadone Program
Under 55 years old
Medical doctor or public health background
At least 1 year-experience in HIV/AIDS prevention and care program in Vietnam

M&E Officer:
Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in Medicine, Public Health Social Science/Services, or a related field. Master’s Degree in related field is desirable.
Three (3) years of progressively responsible experience in Public Health, or a related field with a strong foundation in statistics, research design/analysis, and qualitative/quantitative evaluation.
Knowledge of analytical methods, procedures, and practices, to include research software.
Knowledge of information gathering techniques, procedures, and practices.
Knowledge of project planning and management procedures, practices, and techniques.
Skill in operating a personal computer and utilizing Microsoft software, and database software.
Good computer skills, proficient with ms office applications.
Excellent organizational skills with demonstrated ability to execute projects on time and on budget.
Interpersonal, communication, facilitation and presentation skills.
Analytical and problem solving skills.
Multi-cultural skill.
At least two years of experience in M&E.
Experience with the federal government funding process is an asset.

Administrative Assistant
Graduates, priority to graduates from Institute of Ho Chi Minh National Administration. 
Under 35 years old
Fluent in English and informatics softwares.
At least 3 year-working experience Administration
At least 2 year working experience admin duties, able to compose various letters to partners, priority to applicants working in international environment and projects;
Able to work independently and within a team, willing to travel to 28 provincial project sites.

Please send your application (in both Vietnamese and English) no later than 20th October 2009  to:
LIFE-GAP Project, Ministry of Health
Unit 2, 14th Floor, HAREC Building,  4 A Láng H?, Hà N?i
Application dossiers are not returned to applicants.
Salary is competitive and maybe negotiable depending on experience and qualifications, based on US Government salary scale for the Project.
Gross salary: including social insurance and health insurance that Project pay for staff (28.5%).
Net salary: is equal to gross salary subtracted by 28.5%, not accounting for income tax.
Do not contact by telephone. For more information, please contact at: [email protected]

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
LIFE-GAP Project
Ha Noi
Application Deadline: 
Wed, 2010-10-20