HIV/AIDs Working Group meeting


This is the regular meeting of HIV/AIDs Technical Working Group, it is scheduled for Wednesday, 25th August 2010. The theme for this meeting will be ‘Making it YOUR TWG!’
 This dynamic and interactive meeting will look at the outcomes of the recently completed TWG Evaluation and be an opportunity for participants to discuss the TWG’s future direction. Specialists in community platform building will be on hand to answer all the questions and share ideas.

The meeting will be chaired by:     Mr Simon Baldwin, FHI
Secretariat:     UNAIDS

Detailed agenda is as below:

3:00    Welcome and introductions   
3.10     Subgroup Reports
3.25      Presentation 1 –  Results of TWG Evaluation – Simon Baldwin, Chair of TWG
3.35    Working group discussion
4.10    Presentation 2 – VUFO-NGO Resource Centre's Role in Supporting Civil Society in Vietnam, Phan Thu Ha, Senior Working Groups Coordinator
4.20    Presentation 3 – Web-based information sharing – Chris Fontaine, UNAIDS Partnerships Advisor Discussion
4:30    Discussion
4.40    Updates & AOB


Further information, please contact Anne-Claire Guichard at [email protected]