Japan Will Raise ODA for Vietnam Next Year: Ambassador Sakaba Mitsuo

Japan will provide more official development assistances (ODA) for Vietnam next year, said the Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam Sakaba Mitsuo.  The Japanese Lower House has announced that it will cut one third of the non-refundable aids for many developing countries, including Vietnam, in Japan’s the fiscal year of 2010 which starts from next April 1, the ambassador said.  “Vietnam’s per capita income has reached $1,000; therefore, the Japanese government wants to give the non-refundable aid priority for poorer countries such as Afghanistan and those in Africa”, the official said. Japan has provided $1.3 billion in ODA to Vietnam in the first half of the fiscal year of 2009. He noted that the Japanese non-refundable aid for Vietnam is expected to reach $70 million this fiscal year. Japan has provided JPY1.542 trillion in aid to Vietnam since 1992, the Vietnamese Ministry of Planning and Investment said.