Mekong Health Congress 2010: Information to Disseminate

You are informed that the University of Health Sciences of Lao PDR is organising with the French Cooperation support the first Mekong Health Congress.

Following the success of the last eight editions of the "Cambodia health Congress" held from 1998 to 2008 it was agreed to extend the scope of such event involving all the countries of the region. The first edition of the Mekong Health Congress will be held in Vientiane, Lao PDR on January 2010, 25 to 28.

The spirit of the Mekong Health Congress is to provide a regular forum for medical education, at least at regional level, for practitioners, teachers and also students of the countries concerned. The aim is twofold: In one hand, the upgrading of knowledge and practices in matters of news regarding the region, on the other hand the exchange of experiences between various teams and the development and monitoring of possible joint projects.

For more information, please find attached the brochure. You can also visit the web site: ; see page "Mekong health Congress".

Do not hesitate to contact Dr. Frédéric GAY [email protected] for more information.