National Development Planning/Finance Expert; HPAI Planning/Strategy Expert; Health Planning/Strategy Expert

The Vietnam Integrated National Operational Programme for Avian Influenza (OPI), 2006-2010 (commonly referred to as the Green Book) was adopted by the Government of Vietnam (GoV) and its international ODA partners in June 2006. The overall objective of the OPI is to reduce the health risk to humans from avian influenza by controlling the disease at source in domestic poultry, by detecting and responding promptly to human cases, and by preparing for the medical consequences of a human pandemic.

The Green Book identifies an integrated programme of activities to address Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) control and pandemic preparedness during the period until 2010. The total cost of public sector and ODA financing for activities within the Green Book on enhanced coordination, HPAI control and eradication in the Agriculture Sector, and Influenza Prevention and Pandemic Preparedness in the Health Sector was estimated at US$250 million for the period 2006-2010.

As indicated in the Green Book, a comprehensive Mid-Term Progress Report would be prepared approximately half-way during the implementation period. This report would support the Mid-Term Review to be carried out by government with the participation of all stakeholders including civil society and the international donor community.

PAHI Secretariat is now looking for 03 qualified national consultants for following positions to contribute to the  Mid-Term Review of the Green Book:
1) National Development Planning/Finance Expert (Terms of Reference).
2) HPAI Planning/Strategy Expert (Terms of Reference).
3) Health Planning/Strategy Expert (Terms of Reference).

Duty station:     Hanoi, Vietnam (PAHI Secretariat Office)
Deadline for Applications:     No later than 17h00, 14 September 2009

Applications from qualified candidates including an application letter and updated CV (in English), copies of relevant degree(s)/certificate(s) and clearly indicating which position applied for should be submitted to PAHI Secretariat Office at [email protected] and [email protected] or Room 301 Building A8, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, 10 Nguyen Cong Hoan Street, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Further information on the position can be also accessed at:;;

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Ha Noi
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2009-09-14