Netherlands to Help Vietnam Build 165,000 Biogas Cellars through 2012

SNV Netherlands Development Organization will help Vietnam build 165,000 biogas cellars in 50 cities and provinces nationwide through 2012. The move will help the localities economize 65% of cost for energy and earn a combined $3.2 million worth of Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) through 2012, said Tom Derksen, SNV’s director. The cellars are expected to supply a clean energy amount equivalent to 2,800 TJ/year, which can be produced by 245,000 tons of agricultural waste, 326,000 tons of firewood and 36,000 tons of coal, to the localities, Derksen attributed. They also helped the localities save VND591.6 billion ($32 million) worth of fuel used for annual cooking and lighting, he added. To date, SNV has helped the Southeast Asian country build 55,000 biogas cellars in 13 cities and provinces and gain $1 million worth of CERs. Vietnam currently develops 11 Clean Development Mechanisms (CDMs), which can bring 1,016 million CERs worth combined $19.8 million to the nation.