NEWSLETTER 1 - 15 November 2009

Dear Members & Friends:

Welcome to the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre Newsletter for November 1- 15, 2009! We would like to invite you on Friday, 13th November at 14:00 hrs to join the second INGO Forum for 2009. The meeting will take place in the NGO RC conference room, La Thanh Hotel, 218 Doi Can. The agenda will include a brief update of our recent activities; discussion about the upcoming CG meeting; update on new decrees; our latest salary survey report; and the discussion regarding a survey evaluating the last five years of cooperation between PACCOM and INGOs. Please confirm your attendance at <[email protected]>

There are five working group meetings coming up during the first half of the month: the aforementioned emergency meeting of the Disaster Management Working Group; Climate Change at 14:00 hrs on the same day (5th November) at the NGO RC; Child Rights on the 9th November (14:00 hrs) at the NGO RC; Disability Working Group on the 12th November (14:00 hrs) at the NGO RC; and Ho Chi Minh City Child Rights Working Group on 13th November (09:00 hrs) – location to be confirmed. Please check the 'Events' section on our home page for more details or any unexpected changes.

Warm greetings from the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre's Team!