Program 135-II Implementation-Cooperation with NGO, lessons learned sharing workshop

Follow up the Ninh Thuan Workshop on

"Sharing practical experiences in building capacity in community participatory socio-economic development plan”. In order to build on the CEM-EMWG workshop in Ninh Thuan, it is agreed by the P135-2 stakeholders that the Committee for CEM and the EMWG will jointly organise a similar workshop on 12th December 2009. The workshop aims

to identify and agree on mechanisms to realise collaboration between NGO and CEM/DP/PCEM towards effective implementation of P135-2 and inputs into the development of the new phase. AusAID will engage the Ethnic Minority Working Group (EMWG) as the co-organiser with CEM. The EMWG will work with CEM, in coordination with the consultants working for P135-2 TA projects, and with assistance from AusAID in designing the workshop.