Quality Assessor; Study Assistant

The Sustainable Health Development Centre (VietHealth) is a Vietnamese NGO working in the field of healthcare and public health with a particular focus on sexual and reproductive health, mother-and-child healthcare, HIV/AIDs awareness and prevention, disability awareness, prevention and rehabilitation, and primary and preventive healthcare.

They are currently looking to recruit two members to join our evaluation on a project. The available vacancies are for a Quality Assessor and a Study Assistant (social safeguard), needed to carry out the evaluation. More detailed information about the project and the evaluation is listed below.

1. Background of the project to be evaluated:
The overall objective of the Project is to help develop the provincial healthcare system so as to improve the general health of the local residents, especially the poorer and more disadvantaged members of the community within five provinces of the Central Highlands.

The specific objectives of the Project are:
1(i) Improving the availability of, and access to, quality health services, especially for the poor and disadvantaged;
2(ii) Improving affordability and utilization of health services, especially for the poor; and
3(iii) Strengthening the capacity of the healthcare system to address effectively the health needs of the people.

The Project has three components:
1(i) Upgrading facilities and equipment;
2(ii) Human resources development; and
3(iii) Strengthening financing and management.

2. End-of-Project Evaluation
Overall objectives
The overall objectives of this evaluation are to:
(i) Document project inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes (coverage and system), impact, and compliance with loan covenants, especially for women, the poor and ethnic minorities in these five provinces;
(ii) Evaluate performance based on (i) targets achieved as reflected in the DMF and BME, (ii) views of stakeholders, (iii) financial and economic performance, (iv) implementation, and (v) project management;
(iii) Identify lessons learned; and
(iv) Make recommendations for follow-up, sustainability of interventions, further efforts to improve the provincial health system, and expand/replicate valuable project elements.
Specific sub-objectives for objectives (i)and (ii)
(i) Assess project inputs, activities and outputs in terms of: Quantity, quality, and appropriateness of project inputs, in particular civil works and equipment, training programs, and health equity funds; Quantity, quality, and appropriateness of project management, procurement, monitoring, financial management, and consulting;
(ii) Assess the project outcome in terms of possible changes in the healthcare system coverage such as for preventive services, obstetric care, hygiene, and other functions, and the potential impact of the increased use of services based on health services statistics and household surveys, if any;
(iii) Assess compliance with loan covenants and social and environmental assurances, in particular for resettlement, environment, gender, ethnic minorities, HIV, and financial management;
(iv) Evaluate overall project performance, as per ADB guidelines, in terms of:
a. Relevance: Appraise the formulation, legitimacy and appropriateness of the HICH project. Primary attention is to be paid to such questions as to whether: (i) the project objectives and overall goals met the needs of the intended beneficiaries; (ii) the project provided proper solutions to the problems and issues in the area concerned; and (iii) the project was consistent with the partner country's policies;
b. Effectiveness: Based on the targeted indicators as shown in the DMF and BME, appraise to what extent the HICH project met its objectives in improving the availability of, access to, affordability and utilization of quality health services, especially for women, the poor and ethnic minorities, and strengthening the capacity of the health system to address effectively the health needs of the people;
c. Efficiency: Appraise how efficient the HICH project was delivered and whether it could have been done better, cheaper, and/or more quickly;
d. Impact: Appraise the extent to which the HICH project contributed to the improvement of the health and well being of its beneficiaries, especially for women, the poor and ethnic minorities;
e. Sustainability: Appraise whether the effects produced by the HICH project are appropriate, likely to be sustained and replicated.
3. Terms of Reference of Consulting Services
a) Quality assessor (national):
Working time: 2 person-months

Key tasks:
- Assist the team leader in developing a methodology for the comprehensive assessment of quality of health services and training activities;
- Provide assistance to the team leader in preparing protocols, data collection tools and collections, data analysis and evaluation reports;
- Leading the field assessment of quality of health services and training activities following Project investments in Component A and B;
- Conduct a qualitative assessment of the views of stakeholders regarding project performance

- Graduated degree in nursing or other related field
- At least 5 years experience in quality assessment in developing countries
- Preference for candidates familiar with the health care system in Viet Nam
- Demonstrated competence in quality assessment of health services and projects
- Proficient in English speaking and writing
- Proficient in using basic computer software
- Demonstrated competence in the evaluation of health
- Strong communication skills

b) Study Assistant (social safeguards)
Working time: 2 person-months
Assist the team leader in developing a methodology for the comprehensive assessment of social safeguards of the Project;
Assisting the team leader in social safeguards assessment;
Assist the team leader in other areas.
Any candidates who are interested in one of these positions please email your CV to:

Nguyen Hong Quan, MBA
Trung tam Phat trien Suc khoe Ben vung - Sustainable Health Development Center
Tang 5, Toa Nha An Duong - 5th Floor An Duong Building
76 Pho An Duong - 76 An Duong Street
Ha Noi
Tel/Fax: 84-4 3 7173 118
Mob: 098 824 8052; 091 438 2686
[email protected]

The evaluation is scheduled to start by early June, 2010.
The deadline for submitting your CV to VietHealth is May 15th, 2010.
Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Ha Noi
Application Deadline: 
Sat, 2010-05-15