Strengthening Social Protection Systems in the ASEAN Region

The global financial crisis has rekindled interest in social protection and labor market programs and policies to mitigate the social impact of recent and future crises. The World Bank and ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC) collaborated to produce a report of the impact of the financial crisis and of government’s social protection responses. The report, whose main findings are presented in this video-conference, identifies areas where policy reform and institutional development are needed, and where ASEC can coordinate action by its member states at the regional level. The seminar will provide participants in ASEAN countries with an opportunity to discuss priority areas for strengthening social protection programs and social impact monitoring; and contribute to promoting regional dialogue on social protection.

The target audience for this consultation is local researchers, think tank members, technical staff from relevant governmental agencies and ASEAN Secretariat staff.

For registration, please fill in the form and send to Ms. Huong: [email protected] by May 5th, 2010.