Training of Trainers

CESVI, an Italian NGO who has been working in Vietnam since 1991 with projects in the sectors of health, nutrition, rural micro-finance, water and sanitation, and education, is calling for the submission of CVs from trainers to support the project: ‘Promoting the application of basic Human Rights through the utilization of legal frameworks, to improve services for vulnerable groups in Hai Phong and Quang Ninh Provinces, Vietnam’ funded by the European Commission.

The project aims to improve access to and performance of support services for vulnerable groups, identified as PLWHIV (people living with HIV) and FSW (female sex workers), and advancing ‘good governance’ through empowering civil society organisations and interaction with policy makers, law enforcement personnel and service providers. Project’s activities will mainly focus on capacity building for services providers and volunteers of Civil Society Organizations in order to provide better support services to vulnerable groups.
In fact, from the rapid assessment conducted by Cesvi on September 2009 among health structure staff and self-help groups (SHG) in Hai Phong, it has emerged that is needed an intervention in the following areas of interest:

- PLWHIV Rights -  theoretical and practical applications
- Access to services and build up of referral system amongst service providers and self-help groups
- Communication skills

2. Objective of TOT course
- The Training of Trainers has the aim to give to the participants a comprehensive knowledge on the rights and the obligations PLWHIV have in Vietnam and to provide them with a clear understanding on the procedures necessary to access to services and exercise their rights.
- Trainees must be provided with in-depth knowledge of the laws on HIV currently in force in Vietnam, good comprehension of the local mechanisms to access  rights and services and good communication skills.

Specific objectives
- At the end of the training participants will be able to:
- Develop a training plan and deliver training to beneficiaries
- Present contents on HIV laws, their application, and related procedures in Vietnam
- Create a mechanism that will serve as basis for the improvement of  the existing network of services and information
- Reach an agreement on M&E tools and indicators for Civil Society Organizations to measure the performance of services providers, stakeholders and institutions in ensuring equal access to legal rights to PLWHIV

Expected results
- 30 persons are trained on HIV laws and their application in Vietnam
- A basis of knowledge to create a network of information and services has been set up
- 30 persons are provided with training, communication and planning skills
- An agreement on feasible M&E tools and indicators for Civil Society Organizations to measure the performance of service providers, stakeholders and institutions in ensuring equal access to legal rights and the provision of basic Human Rights to everybody is achieved.

3. Participants
- A minimum of ten staff from each of the three project areas shall be invited to attend the training.
- The participants, 30 persons from Women’s Union (WU) legal staff, Hai Phong Lawyer Association (HPLA) junior staff and some expertise from this organization, will have a similar background in order to provide them a homogenous base of knowledge.
- The ToT participants will be then responsible for the implementation of training courses for service providers and SHG which will take place in the three areas of the project.

4. Duty station and Training period
The 5-day-training course will be implemented in Hai Phong.

5. Training subjects
The topics selected for the ToT have been chosen on the base of the assessment conducted in Hai Phong on September 2009 by Cesvi.
The assessment intended to identify the real knowledge and needs of service providers and PLWHIV. The following topics emerged as fundamental part to be included in the TOT

- HIV Basic Knowledge and Current Situation in Vietnam
- Participants should be provided with knowledge on the prevention and transmission of the HIV virus to recognize and discourage the false beliefs on HIV which create stigma and discrimination in society. The trainer should also briefly explain the current situation of the spreading of HIV in Vietnam.
- Rights and Application
- A general overview on Human Rights International Treats should be provided to trainees.
- The training should mainly focus on Vietnamese laws addressed to protect the rights of PLWHIV and their implementation especially the HIV prevention and control Law.
- Access to Services and Referral Systems
- Trainees should be provided with the knowledge and the instruments to understand how to access to services and how to claim PLWHIV rights. Tools to create a mechanism that will serve as basis for the improvement of referral systems should be supplied.
- Advocacy and Communication Skills
- Training Skills
- M&E Skills

7. Training method
- As the project is promoting the Human Right Based Approach as central component to all activities, a participatory training method will be strongly suggested for this course.
- Lectures should include explanation of case studies; group discussions, which should involve representatives from service providers and self-help groups in order to have a comprehensive overview on both points of view on the same subject; presentations should be prepared to compare opinions and experiences and to practice communication skills which will be crucial in the information sharing process; practice on the elaboration of tools for monitoring and evaluation; pre and post training knowledge review sessions.
- At the end of the training, participants will have complete knowledge reviews and post training tests.

8. Responsibility of trainers
- Design the training programme, including the training agenda and training contents and send to CESVI at least two weeks before the training course;
- Design the training materials, including handouts and/or reference materials to be distributed to participants, pre and post tests and training evaluation questionnaires and send to CESVI along side the training programme;
- Facilitate the training course using training methodology discussed and agreed with CESVI beforehand;
- Ensure the quality of the course based on the training objectives through the test results and the evaluation of the trainees after the training course;
- Submit training report not later than 15 days after the course ended in English and Vietnamese.
- Submit all the materials developed for the training after the course.

9. Requirement for the trainers
- Vietnamese national
- Strong legal expertise
- Strong background in Human Rights
- Good understanding of the current situation in HIV prevention and treatment in Vietnam;
- Strong experience in tutoring, facilitating trainings and presentations;
- Demonstrated experience in training material development and report writing;
- Computer literacy;
- Good English skills (both written and spoken);
- Previous working experience with international organizations, NGOs, as a trainer and an IEC developer, is an asset.

10. How to apply
All interested consultants are invited to send a cover letter, an updated resume with examples of relevant past consultancies, and an annex with description of: 

Detailed proposed training curriculum, including training schedule. The selected consultant will have the possibility to further expand the proposal in collaboration with CESVI, however a detailed plan of the training must be submitted. The plan must  be maximum 4 pages long; it is to comprise a schedule of the 5-day-training and a detailed explanation about how the candidate intends to develop the subjects defined at point 5 of this document
Proposed methodology used in the training
Consultancy fee expectation
Reference materials used

All the documents requested must be sent to CESVI no later than 9 am on 10th of November 2009 to the address below:
1. Ms. Stefania Rossetti – CESVI Programme Manager – [email protected]
And cc to:
2. Ms. Silvia Barbazza – CESVI Programme Assistant – [email protected]

Please be noted that all documents must be submitted in BOTH ENGLISH AND VIETNAMESE and only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Ha Noi
Application Deadline: 
Tue, 2009-11-10