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Climate Change Activities Matrix for Vietnam




A matrix of climate change studies and activities in Vietnam has been produced by the World Bank, in collaboration with the Government of Vietnam, donors, and non-governmental organisations. It is intended as a tool to facilitate collaboration and cooperation. It can be found at the following websites:


i)     World Bank website

ii)    Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment's (MONRE) International Support Group Natural Resources and

       Environment (ISGE) website

iii)   Latest, 29th of January 2010, Climate Change Activities on the NGO Resource Centre website





The matrix includes climate change analytical studies and investment programs that are completed, on-going, or planned in Vietnam. Some programs of the government are included but the emphasis is on externally-financed official development assistance of donors and larger non-governmental organisation financed investments. Criteria for inclusion are not rigidly defined but include:

i)    Project size: very small investment are not included.

ii)   Focus on climate change: many activities are peripherally related to climate change (e.g. energy efficiency projects,

      hydropower, general capacity strengthening) but are not conceived and implemented as specific climate change

      investments and thus are generally not included.

iii)  Natural disaster risk mitigation projects: There are a very large number of such projects and initiatives in

      Vietnam. For the most part these are not included in this matrix unless they are very large and important and unless

      they specifically focus on national disaster risk mitigation strategies in a context of climate change.

iv)   Availability of information: if information cannot be readily found (particularly on the Internet), often we have deleted

      the entry.

v)   Clean Development Mechanism projects: There are many clean development mechanism projects in the early phases of

      development in Vietnam but these are generally not included, unless already in implementation.



How do I use the activity matrix?


The matrix contains a manual for using the matrix which provides instructions to organisations for searching and also updating information.  At the request of the International Support Group Natural Resources and Environment, the World Bank continues for the time being to maintain the matrix. Non-governmental organisations are welcomed and invited to contribute their new and updated activity information.


Please send comments, including corrections and additions to Douglas J. Graham, Environment Sector Coordinator of World Bank ([email protected]).