Vietnam Rice in Ten-Export-Commodity Group Threaten by Climate Changes

Vietnam’s rice is among group of ten commodities which are severely affected by climate change, the Thoi bao Kinh te newspaper reported last week, citing the U.S.’s Time newspaper. Vietnam rice yield may reduce sharply when the sea water rises, submerging thousands hectares of paddy at the end of this century. As the temperature increase by 1oC, rice productivity will drop by 10% on average annually. Besides epidemics, the factors have negative effects on Vietnam’s food security. Earlier, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dao Xuan Hoc said that Vietnam may lose 2 million of hectares of rice because of climate change if the country does not take measures to cope with. Vietnam ships from five to six million tons of rice and get billions of U.S. dollars each year.  Other commodities to be hit by climate change include Italian macaroni,  French grape wine, Argentine honey, German beer, Vietnamese rice, Spanish vegetables, Maldives tourism, Scandinavian vodka, Colorado skiing and Mali cotton.