Vietnamese Students in France Receive Odon Vallet Scholarships

French professor Odon Vallet has presented 14 scholarships worth EUR5,000 each to outstanding Vietnamese students in France. The students are studying in the faculty of technology at big universities and the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in France and have attained good academic achievements. Many students have received this scholarship for over several consecutive years. On addressing the awards ceremony, Prof. Odon Vallet said that the scholarship fund aims to encourage Vietnamese students to study harder, then return to contribute to their homeland. He also gave them advice on what to do in the future. The scholarship is annual award, which has been evaluated by Professor Tran Thanh Van, a prestigious astronomy physicist in France. Apart from scholarships for students in France, Prof. Vallet also granted thousands of scholarships to Vietnamese pupils and students and funded a number of programs to help poor children in Vietnam.