WEEKLY NEWSLETTER 1 - 15 October 2010

Dear Members and Friends:

Welcome to the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre Newsletter for 1 - 15 October, 2010!

Firstly, we would like to announce two appointments, of INGO Representatives at the Consultative Group Meeting: Ms. Thao Griffiths, Country Representative from the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation (new representative); and Ms. Kim N. B. Ninh, Country Representative from the Asia Foundation (re-elected). Members of the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre will receive more details shortly through the 'members' mailing list.

We are also pleased to welcome a new member to the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre, Norwegian People's Aid, which has its Vietnam headquarters in Hue. Its address is:

25 Nguyen Van Cu
Hue City
Tel. (84) (0)543 935 266
Fax. (84) (0)543 935 267
Website: www.npaid.org

We are pleased to report that the SNV Asia Regional Office is welcoming its new Regional Director SNV Asia, Mr. Allert van den Ham. He has an extensive background in international cooperation, both globally and in Asia, where he has managed processes related to socio-economic development, knowledge integration and strategy formulation. His last position before arriving in Hanoi was as programme and projects director for HIVOS in the Netherlands. 

We would also like to thank the previous Regional Director SNV Asia, Mr Andy Wehkamp, for his involvement with the work of the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre, and wish him all the best for the future.

We also announce that two NGOs have recently moved to new offices.

ACLS Center for Educational Exchange with Vietnam has moved to:
61 Phan Chu Trinh
Quan Hoan Kiem
Tel. (84-4) 3723-6825
Fax. (84-4) 3723-6827
Email is unchanged

Global Community Service Foundation (GCSF) has moved to:
45 Yen Bai I Street
Hai Ba Trung District
Telephone, Fax and Email are unchanged

There are three Working Group meetings in October: the Climate Change Working Group will meet on October 7 (02:00 PM) at the NGO Resource Centre; the Disaster Management Working Group will meet on October 22 (02:00 PM) at the NGO Resource Centre; the Agent Orange Working Group will meet on October 26 (02:00 PM) at the NGO Resource Centre.

Please check the 'Calendar of Events' section of the home page of our website for more information, new added announcements or any unexpected changes.

Warm greetings from the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre's Team!