Capacity Development Working Group meeting

This is Capacity Development Working Group meeting. This meeting there will be a special talk from US Professor Joan DeJaeghere - University of Minnesota.

This presentation will discuss how Amartya Sen’s capability approach – an approach used broadly in the development community – can inform education policy and programs. A capability approach shares some common features and yet is distinct from two other approaches used in development – the human capital and the human rights approaches. Central to a capability approach is the multiplicity of values that individuals and groups place on education for social and economic well-being. In addition, a capability approach situates the ability to convert educational capabilities into well-being in the social, political and environmental constraints on individuals and in their agency to improve their lives. In this sense, a capability approach to policies and programs addresses both structural constraints and individual/group empowerment. The presentation will offer guiding principles of inclusion, public debate and relevancy of education for valued outcomes as critical to informing educational programs and polices to improve the quality of education. In addition, a model of context-oriented quality education emphasizing the policy, home/community and school environments will be shared to consider the many interwoven areas in which improving the quality of education can be addressed.


- Understand how a capability approach frames educational issues differently from a human capital approach, as well as from a human rights approach

- Share key concepts of a capability approach that inform policy and practice

- Consider a framework for quality education from a capability approach

- Learn from INGOS how their programs relate to a capability approach for quality education and what research they need to inform their work.

Time: from 14:00 to 16:30, December 12th, 2014

Venue: 106 Hoang Quoc Viet, Hoa Binh Tower - Plan International Office, 2 floor

For logistic arrangement, you are kindly requested to confirm your attendance to me at [email protected] and Ms. Elizabeth at [email protected].