Climate Change Working Group meeting


This is monthly meeting of Climate Change Working Group.  Please find the agenda below:

As normal practice, CCWG meeting after Tet is normally for planning for new year  for 2014. In order to  improve CCWG’s performance and increase its effectiveness,  this meeting will be the first strategic planning on that occasion. Therefore,  It  will be extending the usual half-day meeting into a full-day workshop from 8.00-17.30

 Further information, please contact Group Chair Mrs. Nguyen Thi Yen, Care International at [email protected] or Ms. Nguyen Anh Minh at [email protected]

Please confirm your attendance to Ms. Mac Thi Huyen at [email protected]  tel.  04 37161930 (Ext: 415)  before 3 pm, Wednesday 05 March.