Delivering Effective Water Supply and Sanitation Training event


Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Partnership, National Center for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in collaboration with CAWST, Plan International (Plan), Church World Service (CWS) and other members of WASH Working Group is going to organize a training workshop to help enhance NGO practitioners’ skills in facilitating and managing challenges in their WASH training situations.  The followings are key information:

·  Title:           Delivering Effective WASH Training Workshop
·  Time:          08-12 May, 2017
·  Venue:        73 Nguyen Hong street, Hanoi, National Center for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (CERWASS)    
·  Language:   English (Vietnamese explanation/translation is additional, when necessary)
·  Trainer:        Ms. Lena Bunzenmeyer,  International Advisor from CAWST (Lena Bunzenmeyer joined CAWST as an International Technical Advisor in April 2014. Her interest in the WASH sector began when she worked with an early version of the CAWST-designed Biosand Filter in Uganda in 2002. She then went on to work as a Water Resources Advisor for a local NGO in Indonesia, assisting indigenous communities with water and sanitation issues. Prior to CAWST, Lena was managing an Alberta-based environmental education organization. Lena holds a Bachelor??s degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering from the University of Alberta and a Masters in International and Environmental Development from the University of Manchester).
·  Fee:   No training fee. However, participants are expected to share some costs for workshop refreshments, minimal meeting room contribution, and joint lunches (if any)

Please find the training workshop Invitation, Agenda and Registration Form attached for more details and your references.