Disaster Management Working Group meeting


This is monthly meeting of Disaster Management Working Group.

This time, PACCOM has invited People from Thanh Hoa to come and present the flood situation in the province.
After the survey made by Thanh Hoa province to the flooded villages,  general impression was that the damage was more serious than anticipated, many communes suffered from the flood caused by broken dikes, besides human loss, a great amount of properties and crop have been destroyed. The  villages faces with long  flooding as water could hardly reduce while the dike is broken and river water is high.  The question is how to help the people suffering from the flood?

The meeting will discuss the following points:

1 Flood situation in Thanh Hoa and the North Central provinces (Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh)
2 Coordination and plan for organizing the International disaster reduction day (second week of October)
3 Organization update
4 Up-coming regional events (the 5th ASIAN MINISTERIAL CONFERENCE ON DISASTER RISK REDUCTION ; Yogyakarta, October 22-25, 2012) any input from Vietnam?See some points raised by DWF.
5 Technical corner:

Further information, please contact the group Chairman Mr. Nguyen Van Gia at [email protected]