Disaster Management Working Group Meeting

This is regular meeting of Disaster Management Working Group. The agenda will be as below:

1. Update on work plan tasks

-   Emergency alert and situation report

-   Refresher session on MDWG contingency plan

-   Awareness session on UN funding (UNDP/ UNOCHA) for emergency relief and recovery.

-   Refresher on joint need assessment and report templates

-   Presentation on coordination for joint need assessment

-   Disaster response hospital planningHealth Emergency Response Operations

-   Coordination for implementation of  DMWG and CCWG joint advocacy strategy

-   Joint initiative for Sphere handbook

-   Cash transfer programming workshop

2.  Presentation on AADMER (Asian Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Response)


Further information, please contact group Chairperson Ms. Nguyen Thi Yen, Habitat for Humanity at [email protected]