Disaster Management Working Group meeting in May

This is regular meeting of Disaster Management Working Group in May. The details are as below:

Date: 28, May, 2020

Time: 13.30 - 16.30

Venue: NGO Resource Centre Office, Room 201, E3 Building, N0 6 Dang Van Ngu


DMWG Work Plan 2020 review and updates DMWG

Early action on coming Drought 2020

COVID-19 response updates:

1. Drought: Update drought response from each organization; Sharing information on Drought forecast (with PACCOM or MARD or IMHEM update); 

2. COVID-19: Introduce about Emergency in Health subgroup TOR; COVID-19 response updates from each organizations,

- Share and collect feedback on draft DRR-SEDP guidelines developing DMPTC - SC, DMPTC

- Joint Need Assessment Tools: final version and translation into Vietnamese - SC - CWS

- Decree 50: any change to be focused? -  PACCOM