HCMC Discussion Group Meeting

This is regular meeting of HCMC Discussion Group. Three guest speakers: Mr. Phan Anh Son and Ms. Pham Anh Dao (PACCOM) and Mr. Marko Lovrekovic (VUFO-NGO Resource Centre) will make an update on NGO's operation in 2014.

The agenda will be as below:

- To share the workplan of COMINGO, VUFO, PACCOM in 2015 and the next coming years;

- To update the cooperation mechanism between PACCOM, VUFO- NGO Resource Centre and HCMC Discussion Group;

-  An update from HCMC Discussion Group on themathic groups:

  • Child Rights Working Group   
  • GenderGroup
  • Disability Groupp
  • Climate Change Group 
  • Capacity Development Group 

Further information or confirm your participation, please inform the core group by sending an email to [email protected] by Thursday, May 14, 2015.