Investigation into Complaints Workshop


The aim of the Investigations workshop is to demonstrate how to conduct investigations into allegations of Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (SEA) of people of concern by NGO staff and to promote best practice within organisations. This five-day workshop will explore basic investigation techniques and practical applications of these concepts.


- Time and place
The workshop begins at 8.30 and ends around 17.00 each day.  It will be held at:
Windsor Suites Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, 15-19 October 2012
Please note that if you do not stay at the Hotel, you will need to arrange your own transport to and from the workshop venue.

- Food
Please tell us if you have any dietary, medical or other issues we should be aware of in preparing for and conducting the workshop.

- Fee
Training fee is 1250 USD per participant. This includes 5 nights accommodation and daily lunches, however, excludes evening dinners, airport transport and other incidentals.

- Agenda
Please note that all participants will be completing a group assignment on the evening of the 3rd day of the workshop. We therefore ask that you do not make any plans for the evening. For further information about the content of the workshop, please refer to the agenda attached to this email.

Pre-workshop assignments

We ask that you complete all four assignments by 10 October and bring them, completed, to the workshop. These assignments are an essential part of the learning programme and a condition of your participation in the workshop. The materials we sent along with the assignments will assist you in answering the questions and prepare you for the workshop. Thank you!

Further Contact

Please email Dr Jamie Munn ([email protected]) if you have any questions about the workshop or your preparations.