Refresher Training event for Joint Assessment Team - DMWG in August, 2018



This is 2018 Joint Assessment Team Refresher Training,  hosted by all core member of DMWG


The disaster season is already came and caused a lots of losses and damages in different regions of Vietnam recently. In order to do better preparedness for the context of more extreme disasters with diversified frequency and magnitude hit Vietnam, DMWG core members including PACCOM, NGOs, RED Cross, UN Agencies in collaboration with related government partners to host this event. The details are as below:


Date: 20-21 August, 2018

Time: 8.30 - 17.00

Venue: Plan International Office’s meeting room, 2nd floor, Hoa Binh International Tower, 106 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau giay, Ha Noi

please find the agenda details below:

2018 JAT Refresher Training Agenda (draft as of 6 Aug., 2018)


More extreme weather events appear, disasters with diversified frequency and magnitude hit Vietnam
Changes & new developments in Vietnam, which should be incorporated into JA process: 
• Law on disaster prevention & response and supporting policies, especially the ones on disaster risk classification, transfer of forecast and early warning, roles of responsibility of (C)CNDP at different levels…, many of which have been unaware/unknown for many people, particularly humanitarian workers, DMWG members
• Disaster Management Group (DMG) at HoA level amongst UN agencies, NGOs, VNRC and Gov. Reps has just been in place with newly established/reinforced/being emerged technical/sectoral (sub) groups under umbrella of DMG/DMWG such as Protection, Food Aid, Health Care/Nutrition, WASH in Emergency, Cash Transfer Programming, Data Verification…
• There has been many changes and development in humanitarian industry (Emergence of Core Humanitarian Standard [CHS], more H-Accountability requirements, new actors and landscape…)
• Changes in DMWG members, especially to the staff competent, committed and available for JATs
• Needs for review and revise JAT templates to cope with the current changes and new developments
• Related recommendations from OCHA-led inter-agency SimEX in June 2018

Date: 20 – 21 Aug., 2018

Venue: Plan International Office’s meeting room, 2nd floor, HoaBinh International Tower, 106 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam (Tel: +84 (4) 38223005/Ext.: 134)


Participants: DMWG members; priorities should be given to the ones committed and available for coming JATs in near future. Around 2-3 participants per each agency, not including facilitators/supporters. The total should be around 30-35 people.




Potential facilitator/trainer/




Day 120 Aug. 2018







Ms. Thu Ha (NGO-RC)



Introduction - Expectation

9.00 -9.30

Duong (WVI)



* The role of concerned agencies (CCNDPC/MARD, PACCOM…) in facilitating JAT







* Coordination mechanism

9.30 -10.00

Duong (WVI)+ PACCOM + MARD (tbc)







Duong(WVI) + PACCOM + MARD (tbc)

* Official letters to the affected provinces to facilitate JATs (from which agency???) – We’ll try to engage PACCOM and VNDM’s participation to the extent possible. Also sharing from VNRC on SOP would be highly welcomed and appreciated!



*Prepare for debriefing meeting (invitation)


* Support and back up to JATs

*Information mechanism (daily communication/update, response matrix, Sitrep, media, donorrelation, chatroom/skype…)


* Disasters - Classification of disaster risks – EW











* Necessities for formulating/leading/participating in a JAT (Before-During and after Deployment: Orientation package, safety and security, logistics, travel, communication, assignment of team members, coaching and caring/buddy…)

10.30 -11.30

Yen (Habitat) + Hoa (SC)



*Protection & other cross-cutting themes (gender, PWD, the elderly…); HISS-CAM

11.30 – 12.00

Un Women (Thuy Anh) 




12.00 – 13.30


Self-paid lunch



* Trigger point (s) for deployment of JATs: Process, procedure and steps (sudden onset vs. slow onset)

13.30 – 14.15

UNDP (Mr. Le Dai Nghia, Duong Van Hung)

The current inter-agency Contingency Plan can be used for brainstorming and discussion


*Data analysis for preparing JAT findings-recommendations, reports (report checklist/template, time schedule, JAT members’ roles & responsibilities…) – link with UN Sitreps and other updates


UNDP (Le Nghia + Duong Van Hung)

Mr. Hung proposed his sessions to 20 Aug., as he will be busy with the delegation from North Korea



15.30 – 16.00





*Early recover & reconstruction/rehabilitation

16.00 – 17.00

UNDP (Duong Van Hung)




Day 2: Aug. 21







Hoa (SC)




* Humanitarian Principles, Charter, CHS


Giao (CWS)



*HealthFocus on translating Damages to Needs, gap…


Dr. Hieu (WHO)

1 A4 (or smaller) Condensed Guideline/Checklist would be great!


*WASH: Focus on translating Damages to Needs, gap…


Viet (Oxfam)

1 A4 (or smaller) Condensed Guideline/Checklist would be great!








*Food & Nutrition: Focus on translating Damages to Needs, gap…

10.45 – 11.30

Hoa (SC)

1 A4 (or smaller) Condensed Guideline/Checklist would be great!


*Shelter and NFI: Focus on translating Damages to Needs, gap…

11. 30- 12.00

Yen (HabitatNam (IOM[email protected]int)

1 A4 (or smaller) Condensed Guideline/Checklist would be great!



12.00 – 13.30


Self-paid lunch 



* Assessments skills:

- using and analyzing secondary data, spatial images



-focus group discussion/facilitating meetings at different levels

13.30 -14.15

Ms. Thi and Oanh (CRS)



* EMMA; viability/feasibility of CTP

14.15 – 15.30

Toan (OXFAM)




15.30 – 15.45





* Debriefing meeting

15.45 –16.30

Duong (WVI) + PACCOM



*DADDE exercise for JAT

16.30 -16.50

Duong (WVI)



Evaluation & Closing

16.50 -17.00