Water Supply and Hygiene Working Group Meeting


This is regular meeting of Water Supply and Hygiene  Working Group Meeting. The detail agenda is as following:

  •   Update on the National Sanitation Working Forum – MOH/Partnership
  • MOH five years (2011-2015) sanitation and hygiene work plan – MOH/UNICEF (TBC)
  •  NGOs update on their respective organizations ongoing and/or planned sanitation current programs – (please do come with a short update of your sanitation program 2011 – 2015)
  • The upcoming 3rd national workshop – scaling up rural HH sanitation
  • Final comments on the workshop concept paper  
  •  Analysis of the situation of children in Vietnam and specific emphasis on Dien Bien province
  • 2011 calendar – WASH events
  • AOB

Further information please contact the group Chairman Mr.  Bruck Aregai - Programme Leader- WASH, Netherlands Development Organization at [email protected]