Workshop on Result of the Research on Gender Equity among Vietnamese Youth in the Project “ Prolonging Nora’s Story”

Over 100 years ago, a play “ A Doll’s House” written by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen created historical big echo to the women’s liberation movement and perception of women’s roles in the family. The play was used as a powerful tool to promote the gender equity propaganda in many countries in the world. With high appreciation of this message, Media channel for Youth, Vietnam Television (VTV6) and Centre for Community Empowerment (CECEM) were jointly developed the project “ Prolonging Nora’s story”,  funded by Norwegian Embassy in Vietnam.

During phase I of the project, from 9/2009 to 12/2009 , the writing contest  “Prolonging Nora’s story” for Vietnamese youngsters at the age 16 -26 received 800 essays from youngsters in 30 big cities and provinces nationwide as well as students abroad. Writings were sent in different form such as essays, plays, interviews, short stories .. which experessed their perception about gender equity.

During phase II, based on collected essays, the project conducted a research on the youth’s perception about gender equity: What aspects are gender inequity in Vietnam represented? What are reasons for this gender inequity? What are solutions for the problem? The results of the research have indentified the lack of knowledge, awareness in gender equity among youth and gave some recommendations in order to promote gender equity among youth.

In order to announce the result of the research, workshop on result of the research on gender equity among Vietnamese youth in the project “ Prolonging Nora’s story” will be held at 09:30AM on 11 March, 2011 at Bao Son Hotel, 50 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Ha Noi.

Participating in the workshop includes representatives from Norwegian Embassy, UN, VNGOs, INGOs, mass organizations and media agencies.

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