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Mission Statement: Christians working together with partners to eradicate hunger and poverty and to promote peace and justice around the world. CWS Directional Goals CWS Directional Goal 1 Marginalized communities experiencing chronic hunger and poverty will achieve durable solutions that build peace and justice. Food Security: Vulnerable households in food insecure communities will improve food security. Livelihoods: Vulnerable households in marginalized communities will achieve sustainable livelihoods to meet their basic needs. Education: Women and children in marginalized communities will have greater access to quality education. Health: Women and children in marginalized communities will have greater access to health care, health resources, and health education CWS Directional Goal 2 Communities experiencing crisis will achieve durable solutions that build or restore peace and justice. Response & Recovery: Crisis affected households will be able to meet their basic needs and progress to recovery and rehabilitation. Long-term Displaced: Long-term, forcibly displaced populations will receive support to address critical unmet needs as durable solutions are sought. CWS Directional Goal 3 Partnerships will be strengthened build collaboration and solidarity. Accompaniment and Interfaith Cooperation: CWS will identify and engage with interfaith initiatives to promote peace and justice. Capacity Building and Civil Society: Where civil society is fragile, communities of faith and local civil society organizations will increase capacity to respond to community needs. In Vietnam CWS focuses on: Goal 1, Education and Health, and Goal 3, Capacity Building and Civil Society

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