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MCNV was founded in 1968 as a solidarity movement to give medical aid to the people of Vietnam during wartime. It is now a development organization aimed at sustainable improvement of the health condition of the most vulnerable people in Viet Nam. MCNV adopts the broad Alma Ata definition of health as more than the absence of disease. It especially supports "community - managed health development" to strengthen the sustainable development of communities through the existing provincial, district and commune administrative and health systems. This participatory approach is also stimulated in MCNV's other projects and programmes. All the programmes supported by MCNV are initiated and managed by local counterparts, usually the health and education services or mass organizations. Although we focus on long term, structural improvements, emergency relief is provided incidentally. MCNV also has the mandate to inform the Dutch public about Viet Nam and to foster solidarity between the people of Viet Nam and the Netherlands.

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