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Prosperity Initiative‘s objective is to achieve large scale poverty reduction through market forces.Our portfolio of activities in Viet Nam, Lao PDR and Cambodia span a project cycle of analysis and planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and impact assessment. Prosperity Initiative’s team of national and international staff from the private and development sectors engages in the following activities related to market chains and commodity sectors relevant to the poor: (1) Conducts analysis of markets and supply chains, including competitiveness in a global market system, to identify opportunities and weaknesses and assess the likely poverty impact on different groups of people through different interventions. (2) Works on pilot projects or at full scale implementation along the entire supply chain to create more value in the industry that can be captured by poor farmers and workers. (3) Builds partnerships with progressive businesses and policy makers to demonstrate new opportunities and improvements in rural industries and ultimately assist them to lead the local change in market sectors that reduce poverty. (4) Provides training to farmers on improved production and management techniques, typically through partnerships with specialist service providers. (5) Provides technical support to small rural businesses to develop new market opportunities and build successful businesses. (6) Facilitates investor linkages and provides advice to larger businesses that can act as lead firms in the domestic market chain for products ultimately sourced from poor farmers. (7) Assists local and national government agencies to analyse the market and poverty reduction opportunities in different sectors and use this to integrate economic and poverty reduction strategy and policy. (8) Conducts routine M&E of key indicators of project activities and the market system. By maintaining a focus on high level indicators such as farmgate price, adapts activities and resourcing as needed to respond to changed market conditions. (9) Conducts detailed poverty impact evaluations of its work and the industries it supports. (10) Measures established MDG1 indicators of people moving across formal poverty lines in terms of poverty headcount and poverty gap

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