03 Consultants at VECO Vietnam

VECO Vietnam is a country program of Vredeseilanden that is currently implementing sustainable agricultural chain development in the North of Vietnam in Lang Son and Phu Tho Provinces. In line with the global VECO vision and mission, VECO Vietnam’s mission is to contribute to viable livelihoods and empowerment of organized family farmers, male and female in Vietnam through Sustainable Agriculture Chain Development (SACD) at local and regional levels.

VECO Vietnam is now looking for the qualified consultants of:

1. Assessment of potentials for VECO to develop a rice sub-sector development program in the Mekong Region (http://www.veco-ngo.org/news/call-consultant-1)

2. Assessment of potentials for VECO to develop develop a Mekong Region Program on inclusiveness of smallholder farmers in fresh fruits and vegetables markets (http://www.veco-ngo.org/news/call-consultant-0)

3. Exploring Funding Opportunities for Mekong Region on Markets Development Programs in Agriculture (http://www.veco-ngo.org/news/call-consultant)

Interested candidates please submit proposal to:

Regional Representative
Vredeseilanden (VECO)
No. 4, 249A Thuy Khue Compound
Thuy Khue St., Tay Ho District
Hanoi, Vietnam
Email: [email protected]
TOR posted : http://www.veco-ngo.org/veco-vietnam/news

New deadline of submission of proposal to VECO: 22 February 2013

For further information, please refer to the link attached.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
VECO Vietnam
Application Deadline: 
Fri, 2013-02-22