ADP Bookkeeper

Work base: Luc Yen ADP, Yen Bai Provine
Deadline for application:07 March 2017


WVV’s Area Development Programs focus within one administrative district of a province which usually populated by ethnic minority people with very high rates of poverty. ADPs are mainly funded by sponsorship funds, and are a phased approach to development, involving clear and consistent assessment, design, and implementing, reporting, monitoring and evaluation and reflection phases. Each ADP is tailored to the needs of a specific community in alignment with WVV’s strategic priorities. WVV works closely with district and commune local authorities and local partners to implement program activities.

Each ADP usually has one ADP manager, one Finance staff, one Sponsorship staff and 3 to 5 other staff who are in charge of Monitoring and Evaluation, Capacity Building, and sectoral projects such as Education, Health, Agriculture and Livelihood etc. A uniqueness of WVV’s ADP approach and structure is that all ADP team members are based at the district where the ADP is located, which enables them to work closely with government partners and communities on a daily basis.

Purpose of the position:

The position supports WV Vietnam to maintain high standards of financial stewardship and assist the ADP or Project Manager in maintaining the books of accounts and other financial records of the ADP or Project & adhering to the financial standards of World Vision financial system to ensure accountability.

Key responsibilities:

  • Provide administrative financial services to the projects to ensure compliance, quality, accuracy and consistency of work in project implementation.
  • Collaborate and work closely with all of the team members of the ADP or Project to ensure consistent service delivery.
  • Conduct all the day to day operational procedures in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, closure, audit, etc. in timely manner and in line with WV Policy and Procedure as well as Field Financial Manual (FFM).
  • Assist the project team in verifying quotations, procurement, service supply contracts for project- related activity. Provide the necessary account analysis codes and assistance to the ADP or Project staff to correctly fill in and prepare cash advance, EER, payment request.
  • Ensure adequacy and correctness of the supporting documents for payments and/or voucher preparation (using Voucher Interface) in line with WV’s Policy and donor requirements.
  • Monitor the financial transactions regularly to maintain project financial account in place and in order.
  • Select randomly the suppliers of the quotes/bids submitted for major purchases to verify the existence, nature of business (whether it’s related to the goods or services being asked to quote or bid), relationship of the supplier with the staff of the project and reasonability of amount quoted. Verify the quality of the goods and services delivered to the beneficiaries by conducting random visit to the project sites.
  • Communicate to all staff and relevant partners about WV accounting policies and procedures. Assist the ADP or Project Manager in planning and developing project budget in line with the ADP’s Plan of Action and log frame.
  • Prepare the financial reports cover memo with variance explanations, Advances & Payables Aging Analysis (IA 264 & IA 269); update the asset register; perform the bank reconciliation and send on time to the Cluster Finance Officer for posting. Provide the necessary management financial report to manager as and when required.
  • Review the Sunsystem generated financial reports with assistance of Cluster FO and NO FO for any non-project related expenses, discrepancies and irregularities from the project finance manual.
  • Establish and maintain Filing system of key documents (in hard copy and soft copy) in line with audit requirements. Maintain all financial and other records required for audit purposes and provide assistance in regular auditing of the ADP or Project.

Job requirements:

The following knowledge, skills and abilities may be acquired through a combination of formal schooling, self-education, prior experience, or on the job training:

  • Bachelor Degree; majored in finance/ accounting.
  • Average knowledge of and work experience in accounting.
  • Conceptual understanding of and commitment to development work, especially Christian, child-focused, community-based development concepts, approaches and processes;
  • Good time management and organizational skills;
  • Good interpersonal and communications skills;
  • Fair English, especially report writing skills;
  • Good computer skills in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and email;
  • Ability to function well in a team environment.

World Vision Vietnam is a Christian non-government organization. Applicants having working experience in a similar kind of organization will be an advantage.

Our contact details are:

People and Culture Department
World Vision International - Vietnam
Address: 4th floor, the HEAC building, 14-16 Ham Long street, Hanoi
Tel: 04. 39439920 (ext.114)

We give equal opportunity to every candidate, regardless of religion, race and gender.

A competitive salary, benefits and career development opportunity will be offered and commensurate with the experience, qualifications and responsibilities.

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Job Details
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World Vision International Vietnam (WVV)
Yen Bai
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Tue, 2017-03-07