Assistant Project Field Manager

Vietnam National Legislative Development Project
Assistant Project Field Manager Position

Project Description:

By supporting an integrated program of reform of the Vietnamese law-making process, the National Legislative Development Project (NLD) will assist the GOV in developing a strengthened, effective and transparent legal framework that will reflect the needs of Vietnamese citizens and support equitable economic growth.

The NLD was designed to support capacity building with respect to four core components of the law-making process:  (1) planning; (2) policy analysis; (3) legislative drafting; and (4) the coherence and systematization of laws.   In its initial phase, the project will support the consolidation of the 2004 and 2008 Law on Laws and an assessment of Vietnam’s current law-making process. 

The project is being implemented by a Canadian Executing Agency (CEA) composed of the Canadian Bar Association, the Ministry of the Attorney General for Ontario  and Stikeman Elliot LLP in cooperation with Vietnam’s Ministry of Justice and other key government agencies engaged in legislative development and in particular, the development on legisation affecting economic development.  Other project partners include the Law Committee of the National Assembly, the Office of Government and selected line ministries.


The Assistant Project Field Manager (AFM) will support the CEA’s Project Field Manager (PFM) on the in-country management of project activities and in particular:

- liaising with project partners, beneficiaries and stakeholders;
- overseeing the delivery and implementation of the project activities in Vietnam;
- representing the Field Office in the event of the absence of the PFM;
- assisting in the preparation of project reports and annual workplans;
- monitoring the progress of the project and advising on potentials risks and mitigation strategies;
- sharing his/her expertise on the Vietnamese legal system with the Project Director, the PFM and international experts;
- providing advice on engaging the project partners and strategies for increasing cooperation between ministries;
- maintaining close contact with all project partners and;
-  assisting the PFM to ensure that the project is responsive to the partners’ needs.

Qualifications :

- Law degree and a minimum of 5 years of work experience in law or a law-related field;
- Experience working in international development or other donor-funded projects
- Some knowledge of ODA and familiarity with related program management;
- Strong knowledge of the Vietnamese Government and Vietnam’s legislative development process;
- Strong sense of initiative and organization;
- capacity to coordinate several active project; activities concurrently
- Familiarity budget review, analysis and financial reporting;
- Excellent writing skills;
- Proficiency in English;
- PC literate: Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel;
- Willingness to work long hours when necessary and to travel within Vietnam or abroad.

Additional Skills :

- Strong communications skills (eliciting information, clarifying uncertainties, giving clear directions);
- Strong analytical skills (researching topics, following media reports, identifying trends);
- Intercultural sensitivity and good interpersonal skills;
- Ability to arrange travel logistics for visiting international experts;
- Strong interest in the legal reform process in Vietnam.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and CV to Claudia de Oliveira at [email protected] by Monday, June 24th, 2013.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Vietnam National Legislative Development Project
Application Deadline: 
Mon, 2013-06-24