Audio-visual Production Consultant

Position Vacant: Audio-visual Production Consultant

Development of audio-visual IEC material – to support Awareness Raising and Behaviour Change Communication on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction targeting Khmer men and women in the Mekong Delta
Location: Home-based with travel to Kien Giang, An Giang, Soc Trang, Tra Vinh and Tien Giang
Time Frame: 25th August – 19th December 2014

A. Project Background

CARE International in Vietnam, Oxfam, and the Vietnam Red Cross (VNRC) with support from Australian Red Cross (ARC) and German Red Cross (GRC) are currently implementing three climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction projects in the Mekong Delta as part of a larger Australian Aid funded Community-based Climate Change Action Grants (CBCCAG) Program. In partnership with local government and civil society partners, the initiatives aim to increase the resilience of the most vulnerable men and women to current and projected climate change impacts through a combination of disaster risk reduction support, promoting climate adaptive livelihoods, participatory climate and disaster risk analysis and adaptation planning, capacity strengthening, awareness raising and behaviour change activities, etc.

One of the population groups particularly vulnerable to climate change and disasters that are targeted in the three projects are poor Khmer ethnic minority men and women. They experience limited adaptive capacity due to high rates of landlessness, dependency on (both on- and off-farm) wage labour, variable access to and control over livelihood resources such as credit, agricultural inputs, training and technical knowledge, language barriers and low level of education, etc.

Joining resources and working closely with the local authorities, the five organisations collectively aim to build the adaptive capacity of poor Khmer through a number of awareness raising and behaviour change initiatives. User-friendly and user-relevant information on the most updated climate projections, the local impacts, what people already experience and do to prepare and respond, and innovative ideas on how to further adapt, delivered through a customized visual format will greatly contribute to that goal.

B. Objectives

The main objective of this work is to develop customized audio-visual IEC materials (video) on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction to support Awareness Raising and Behaviour Change Communication on climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction with Khmer men and women in the Mekong Delta.


  • Primary audience: the video(s) are primarily intended to be used with Khmer ethnic minorities in the three projects.
  • Secondary audience: other users are Government partners, Vietnamese media, INGOs, VNGOs and other organizations for awareness raising and behaviour change on climate change adaptation with the Khmer and other vulnerable populations in the Mekong Delta.

An additional secondary purpose is to use the video(s) for dialogue with policy makers on how Khmer are impacted by climate change, what they experience, what they do already to adapt and what solutions there are.

C. Main Tasks and Deliverables

The service provider is expected to undertake the tasks as in the following schedule. The schedule is indicative and an input into the detailed work plan to be further developed by the service provider in agreement with representatives from the five organisations.


1.Briefing meeting with CARE/OXFAM/Red Cross staff, to present drafted scenario for further development into a storyboard (immediately after signing the contract)
2.In consultation with CARE/OXFAM/Red Cross staff, service provider prepares a detailed work plan including timeframe based on the TOR and draft storyboard (in English and Vietnamese), based on the scenario (approx 2 weeks)
3.Consultation by CARE/OXFAM/Red Cross staff with partners, and based on the results, revision of storyboard (in English and Vietnamese) by service provider (1 week)
4.Further development and approval of final storyboard in English and Vietnamese through consultations with CARE/OXFAM/Red Cross staff (same week)
5.Production of audio and video(s) with footage from project provinces and in Khmer and Vietnamese narration with Vietnamese and English subtitles. Staff from the three organizations will participate in the field visits or the footage. (5 weeks)
6.Present first version of video(s) to CARE/OXFAM/Red Cross staff for first feedback
7.A number of screenings, supported by the organization’s staff, presenting draft audio and video(s) for comments and approval to:

  • Project Government and civil society partners (first screening)
  • Khmer community members from the project locations (second screening)

A simple feedback questionnaire will be designed with assistance from the organization’s project staff to document the comments from the test audience. (3 weeks)
8.Further editing, finalization and approval of audio and video(s) by CARE/OXFAM/Red Cross staff (2 weeks). After this, Government final approval will be arranged by CARE/OXFAM/Red Cross staff.


- Detailed and updated work plan including timeframe (to be submitted 2 weeks after signing the contract)
- Approved storyboard (draft to be submitted 2 weeks after signing the contract for approval in the subsequent weeks) in English and Vietnamese
- Original copies (8 of each version) of a fifteen minute high quality and professionally made video(s):
- Video versions with following narration and subtitles in the following formats: avi (high resolution); wmv or mp4 files for web streaming; mp4 as DVD source; smartphone/emailable file; and mp4 as audio.
- The following language versions should be provided:

  • Khmer narration only   
  • Khmer narration with Vietnamese subtitles   
  • Khmer narration with English subtitles   
  • Vietnamese narration with English subtitles   
  • An audio version in Khmer narration   
  • An audio version in Vietnamese narration   

The audio and video(s) should be approved by relevant authorities and the five organisations.

D. Duty Station and Travels

The consultant will be home-based, and filming in Kien Giang, An Giang, Soc Trang, Tra Vinh and Tien Giang, based on an agreed schedule.

E. Management Arrangements and Resources

For all activities, all three organizations need to be involved. Each of the three organizations will assign a focal point to be in charge of the work. One of them will be the central focal point for the service provider to directly deal with.

Audio-video equipment and material will be provided by the service provider. They will also be in charge of all payment related to the video including: production, director fee, application for license, sounds, light, payment to participants, subtitling, logistics, translation, etc. in order to make a complete film.

F. Selection Criteria


  • 5 years of proven experience in video production, media, communications for development, or any related field, meeting international standards
  • Available highly qualified staff with the necessary experience in the Mekong Delta
  • Available highly qualified staff with good speaking and writing skills in Vietnamese and English.
  • Available highly qualified staff with very good interpersonal and communication skills, interviewing skills and adhering to a strong community development ethics
  • Proven teamwork experience


  • An understanding of climate change issues in the Mekong Delta Region and Vietnam is an advantage
  • An understanding of Khmer ethnic minority life and culture in the Mekong Delta is an advantage

*Child Protection: CARE/OXFAM/Red Cross are committed to protecting the rights of children in all areas we work around the world. Applicants are advised that CARE/OXFAM/Red Cross reserve the right to screen candidates to ensure a child-safe environment. Further information can be found in the CARE/OXFAM/Red Cross child protection policy.

G. Application Process

Interested professionals and companies are invited to send their offer in English consisting of a CV, a financial offer in Vietnam Dong currency, contactable references who could appraise your past work (e.g: line manager, clients) and a sample of audio-visual products, either by website link or DVD, to: [email protected] (email) OR by post to Mr Jerome Faucet, German Red Cross, Level 2, 68 Nguyen Du, Hanoi. All submissions must be received by 14th August 2014, 17:00 (Hanoi time). Please note that only applications which are submitted in English shall be considered. While we appreciate all applications, only candidates under consideration shall be contacted.

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Red Cross, CARE and Oxfam
Application Deadline: 
Thu, 2014-08-14