Call for Designs of Low Cost Household Toilet Adapted for the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam

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Being flooded yearly, unsafe defecation practices, unaffordable safe toilet model are the common sanitation challenges in the Mekong Delta. Statistically, the region has amongst the lowest coverage of safe toilets in Vietnam. For example, in Dong Thap Province in the Mekong delta, less than 43% of households have access to latrines.

This problem is widely recognized by national bodies and NGOs, and increased sanitation coverage forms a component of the government’s National Target Programme 3. In order to support the government’s shift away from subsidy-driven sanitation programmes to demand-driven programmes, in the framework of project “Mekong Delta Sanitation Challenges” sponsored by HSBC bank, Save The

Children associated with Women’s Union of Dong Thap province would like to call for proposals on a flood-safe and sustainable toilet model that is affordable for household in The Mekong Delta.


A flood-safe, sustainable and affordable toilet model at household scale.

General requirements

- Flood-safe:

  • The toilet will be built in a flood prone area, therefore, the toilet should be completely sealed to avoid the fecal contamination and bad odors to surrounding environment

- Sustainable:

  • Long lasting duration in flooded condition (3-4 months flooded yearly)
  • Utilization of local materials

- Affordable

  • Affordable price, on the average of 100 US$. This cost should be AT LEAST cover the main septic tank and the squat. The aim is to provide an affordable core component of the toilet. Remained parts (wall, roof, doors, etc) could be tailored by user upon their financial capacity.


A toilet proposal will be scored based on the following criteria

1.Clear design and function description
2.Easy and feasible construction method
3.Utilization of local materials
4.Capital cost
6.Bonus points will be given to a proposal indicating in detail
- The construction plan for household
- Recommendation for alternative materials (if any)


3 Proposals will be selected for final review in February 2014

The finalist will present their design concept to the judging panel in the beginning of March 2014

The winning proposal will implement the pilot model in Mekong Delta from March – April 2014, including the following activities

  • Field visit in Mekong Delta
  • Training for builders/households who will be selected for Pilot model
  • Construction monitoring

Up to 3,000 US$ will be rewarded to the winning proposal


A proposal includes the following documents

The proposal should be completed in English (Preferable)/Vietnamese, signed and scanned into PDF format and sent to via post/email with the subject TOILET DESIGN CONTEST FOR MEKONG DELTA


Application should be sent before 5PM (GMT+7) 15th February 2014 via post or email

Post Address: No.4, Tran Quy Khoach, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Email Address: [email protected]

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
Save the Children (SC)
Application Deadline: 
Sat, 2014-02-15