Call for Qualified Probiotic Experts

SNV is seeking for Proposal Writing Consultant(s) for “Probiotics Experts” with the Terms of Reference in the attached file.

Consultant(s) are invited to submit a competitive proposal for this assignment, including:

  • Technical proposal to conduct the assignment: understanding, team structure and profiles, summary approach, and draft work plan should be included, based on the defined methodology and identify a team of individuals with proven track records, preferably in market study in the renewable energy sector and new product development. The proposal should include a schedule of time allocated to each team member by task, identifying timeline and milestones in preparing and completing deliverables, including overall project management;
  • Financial proposal;
  • Relevant qualifications and experience, including CVs and at least 3 references.

Please submit your proposals and questions to [email protected] by December 10th 2015 with the title “Group of Experts to conduct research new formula, improve and commercialise new probiotic products”

Job Details
Organisation Name: 
SNV – Netherlands Development Organisation
Application Deadline: 
Thu, 2015-12-10