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Terms of Reference, Coffee Program
Vietnam Program Coordinator

IDH The Sustainable Trade Initiative

Powered by IDH, the Coffee Program is a global, pre-competitive public-private initiative which involves trade and industry partners, (local) governments, NGOs and standard setting organizations operating in the coffee sector. Our ambition is to accelerate sustainable coffee production to a mainstream breakthrough level by uniting the sector and providing a forum for close collaboration with local governments. The Program aims to increase the production, yields and export availability of sustainably grown coffee, enabling coffee producers to become more resilient with climate change.

The Coffee Program globally and Vietnam

In the period of 2018-2020, the Coffee program focus on proving for 3 concepts:

  • Concept 1: Smallholder Resilience
    • Through innovative service delivery eco-systems, income resilience (diversification & productivity) and joint household (business) decision making (improved gender equality), smallholder household resilience will be strengthened and the coffee supply base will be more stable and sustainable.
  • Concept 2: Water and Climate Smart Agriculture
    • Through policy dialogue, testing field innovations (incl. large scale infrastructure investments) and innovative financial solutions, economically viable and water efficient smallholder irrigation access will be rolled out at scale, leading to less water use (VN) and more climate smart production systems (UG, TZ).
  • Concept 3: Responsible agro-input management
    • Through policy dialogue, IF deals for input financing and innovative SDM eco-systems, agro-input use is more efficient (economically) and more environmentally responsible, leading to less pollution and increased income for smallholder farmers.

Among those 3 concepts, the program in Vietnam focuses on proving for concept 2 and 3.

In order to support the IDH coffee program manager, we seek a dynamic individual with the vision, the experience, independent and the reach to work with the Vietnam coffee sector. The program coordinator will be accountable and report regularly to the IDH coffee program manager.

Key responsibilities

1. Coordinate the implementation of convening and policy dialogue activities under the coffee program in Vietnam, including but not limited to:

  • Water management for efficient use of water in coffee production, especially coordinate for the implementation of the research on irrigation system being conducted by Fresh Studio/Agrilogic
  • Improved fertilizer management to reduce the use of low-quality, fake and over use of chemical fertilizers
  • Learnings and sharing activities under the production sub-committee of Vietnam Coffee Coordination Board (VCCB)
  • The pilot and scale up of applying the agrochemical apps in key coffee production areas of Vietnam
  • Coordinate the integration of learnings from FLPs, researches into the revision and promotion of National Sustainability Curriculum (NSC)
  • Coordinate the exploration of new opportunites for development of coffee program beyond 2020 in Dak Nong, Gia Lai provinces and covering other topics/partners


2. Design and provide overal monitoring of the field level projects in Vietnam

  • Work with partners and seek for opportunities to establish FLPs cofounded by IDH and private partners.
  • Work with IDH headquarter, New Foresight and companies to coordinate and involve in the implementation of Service Delivery Models (SDM) analysis.
  • Develop investment note to be submitted for approval by IDH based on the result of SDM analysis.
  • In charge of administrative procedures and contracting
  • Regularly monitor the progress and performance of FLPs, with the support of technical field consultants
  • Coordinate the FLP learning activities, in collaboration with Global Coffee Platform (GCP) and Vietnam Coffee Coordination Board (VCCB)
  • Manage relationships with private partners of the program
  • Liaise with related organisations working in the same areas – i.e. key government, private sector and international institutions.

3. Other works assigned by IDH Coffee Program Manager

4. Management work:

  • Provide administrative support, event organization for all related program activities
  • Coordinate the preparation of program reports and work plans
  • Regular reporting to IDH Coffee Program Manager on activities and measurable results


  • Credibility and network in the Vietnam coffee sector
  • Connection to key international and Vietnam stakeholders and experience in building innovative alliances between them.
  • Passion for, knowledge of and experience in the field of sustainability
  • At least 8 year experience in coordinating large-scale coffee/agri sector improvement programs
  • At least master degree in trade, economics or relevant
  • Credible legal, financial and administrative structure of organization

The ideal candidate will also be perceived as neutral in that they are not perceived to represent certain interests other then up-scaling sustainable production be it ideological or from a market perspective.

Specific arrangements will be drawn in the contract to safeguard this.

Terms and conditions of employment

This position is based in Hanoi, with travel to the Central Highlands.

IDH offers a challenging position with opportunities for growth within an enthusiastic and passionate team. The successful applicant will be offered a consultancy contract for one year with competitive remuneration, but with the possibility to extend.

For more information about IDH, please visit For questions about this position, please contact Tran Quynh Chi at [email protected]

Application process

Interested candidates should send their CV and application letter (in English), explaining your interest and capabilities for the position and your CV/resume, to Iris van Oort, HR Officer, at [email protected] and Tran Quynh Chi, at [email protected]

Application timeline

Applications must be received by 20 November, 2018.

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Tue, 2018-11-20